Suzuki Releases All New 2022 Gen 3 Hayabusa

. By Bikeland Staff

After an almost 13 year wait, Suzuki reenters the ring with a stunning revamp of their flagship GSX1300R - the Hayabusa.

Suzuki says:

It was a motorcycle unlike any other. Taking its name from the Peregrine Falcon, the world’s fastest bird, the first Hayabusa pushed styling and performance to a new place and forever changed motorcycle design.

Now it’s happening again.

The all-new Hayabusa melds two generations of refinement resulting in the quickest, most technologically advanced and aerodynamic Hayabusa yet.

Instantly familiar, but completely new, with a silhouette that is recognizable but unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Suzuki engineers, designers and test riders worked relentlessly to evaluate and analyze every component then selected the absolute best elements to deliver the definitive performance Hayabusa riders demand. An all new electronics package turns Hayabusa’s legendary raw power into incomparable control and real-world rideability.

Exquisite styling, breathtaking performance and Suzuki’s unmatched engineering. The all new Hayabusa is ready for you. Are you ready for it?

Visit Suzuki's Hayabusa micro-site for complete information:

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