Arai Quantum-X ... The Round Oval Lives!

Arai is renowned for producing finely handcrafted helmets that fit perfectly - every time. Almost 10 years ago, their Round Oval head shape was discontinued and replaced by the Intermediate Oval, which for some riders (myself included) never fit quite right.

In late 2016 the Round Oval head shape reappeared on the market and Arai has been busy adding new units to their Quantum lineup. New for 2019 is the Arai Quantum-X Drone. It clocks in at an MSRP of $829.95 and features a smooth graphics pattern in a carbon fiber style matte finish.

Fit and finish are classic Arai - flawless - and more importantly - if you're unaware that the Round Oval headshape has made a return - if features the classic Quantum series fit.

Visit your authorized Arai dealer to have your helmet fitted, or see Arai's fantastic staff at any two wheeled event and have your helmet fitted there.

This is what Arai has to say about their latest protective gear:

The new Arai Quantum-X is one of two new helmets for Arai in 2017. The new Quantum-X features the advanced VAS shield system found on the Corsair-X providing an easy to operate shield changing system as well as a smoother shape for improved “glancing off” capabilities. The new Quantum-X features a Round Oval fit and a high performance ventilation system. This system was developed to offer all-day comfort for the rider and utilizes large vents with massive inlet and exhaust openings with large switches that are easily operated with gloves. Additionally, the Quantum-X features a new Peripherally Belted Super Complex Laminate Construction shell design (PB-ScLC) and a host of proven Arai helmet technologies, including 5mm Peel Away cheek pads, FCS spring support, Arai Chin Cover, Arai Emergency Cheek Pad Removal System, convenient speaker pockets and, a fully removable and washable interior.

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