Klim Dakar Pant Review and Update

. By Jon Row and Bikeland staff

It’s been five years since we tested the original Klim Dakar Adventure pants and they’ve become our favorite dual sport pants. A true three-season pant, Dakars sport effective mesh panels and twenty-inch zippered leg vents. In late 2016 we acquired a pair of Gen II Dakars. Keeping the over-the-boot design while and adding an in-boot version, Klim changed the Dakar’s cut, slimming the hip and leg areas. The change was noticeable but still left room (and inner pockets) for hip pads or armored under gear. Four extra stretch panels were added to hip and leg areas, which made the Dakar II, feel even more comfortable moving on the bike. The pants never rode up or felt restricted despite the snugger fit. Gen II flex panels were thicker and a bit stiffer but kept the comfort level high while enduring our adventure floggings.

Gen II pockets also changed from Velcro top flaps to front zips and were repositioned more forward. Like Gen I, Gen II worked seamlessly handling 30 to 95 degree temps. Heavier external leather leg panels also held up better than our Gen I. Our Gen I and IIs have been “rode hard and put away wet” many times with our only failure being a Gen I waist snap pull out after several years. Our Gen II notably has not exhibited that issue or any other after hard use and single rinse machine washings. Klim recommends double rinse laundering but we typically ignore it. Both our Dakars still look amazing after a life that would have left lightweight MX pants in the trash. Like the Gen I, Gen II’s are a tad heavy (about three pounds for a size 34) and lack inner pockets for kneepads, a feature some riders like on over-the-boot styles. As with knee braces we prefer strap on type kneepads that let our pant legs glide over them.

The next Gen:
Klim has been reading our minds (or perhaps chat forums). They recently introduced Gen 3 Dakar’s with multi-weight Cordura panels and four-way stretch fabric in lieu of Gen II’s beefy pleats. Weight is pared down about half a pound. Kneepad pockets are now included (over boot versions only). Gen 3 also purports better comfort and fit features including redesigned waist closure snaps.

Given our experience with previous Dakars we expect the new Gen 3s will also wear like iron. If you’d rather have Gen II features though, Klim and various retailers still have some at discounted prices.

Sizes 28-40 regular and tall
SRP $167.99-175.99
More info: www.klim.com

From left to right: Gen II - Gen I

Rare sight: A snap failure after 3 years. Klim would probably have fixed free but a $5 local repair was cheaper than postage.

Revised pocket location is handy and secure.

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