Yamaha breaks new ground with 2015 FJ09

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By Jon Row and Bikeland staff
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Based on the well-regarded 3-cylinder FZ09 that has become Yamaha’s best selling street motorcycle. Industry sport touring sales have increased four years in a row and now stand a healthy 34% above 2009 levels. Yamaha’s research showed high potential for a comfortable, multi-use sport tourer in a niche displacement category.

The large tank and refined fueling will reportedly squeeze mid 40 MPG and the seating position is said to be much more Tenere like to accommodate high mileage days. Particular attention was paid to improving the FZ09’s fueling and throttle response. A high level of adjustability including handlebars and seat height should appeal to a wide range of riders. Real world features include a center stand, TCS, ABS, 12-volt dash plug and Yamaha’s first use of LED headlights.

Bikeland likes the FJ09 concept and we definitely look forward to riding it.

Yamaha says:

The Yamaha FZ-09 has been a huge success, garnering enthusastic praise from riders and the media alike. And now, Yamaha takes the popular FZ-09 sportbike formula and adds even more versatility with the all-new 2015 FJ-09.

The FJ-09 utilizes the FZ-09’s crossplane-concept, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, inline-three-cylinder, 847cc, fuel-injected engine in a versatile package that provides a sporty, agile, and comfortable ride for everything from daily commuting, to spirited canyon-carving, to full-on touring.

With excellent acceleration, response, and handling characteristics, the FJ-09 offers an upright riding position for a stress-free, comfortable experience, whether riding solo or with a passenger. The FJ-09 sports a whole host of position-adjustable components--including windscreen, handlebars, and seat--designed to further accommodate a wide range of riders and riding preferences. And the large, 4.8-gallon fuel tank enables you to log a lot of miles between fuel stops.

In addition, the FJ-09 comes equipped with electronic control technologies that include YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle), ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), and TCS (Traction Control System) to ensure smooth-running performance. And, as if that weren’t enough versatility and adjustability, the bike also features the Yamaha D-MODE (Drive Mode) variable-throttle-control system, which allows the rider to choose the optimum engine character for their riding situation.

Yamaha will offer a complete range of custom accessories for the FJ-09, including a top case, side cases, taller windscreen, heated handgrips, and a comfort saddle seat.

The 2015 FJ-09 will be available in two color options--Matte Gray and Candy Red--and will retail for $10,490, with bikes available in dealerships beginning in December.


847cc liquid-cooled, in-line 3-cylinder, DOHC, 12-valve engine with fuel injection. This engine combines advanced high tech components including YCC-T and Yamaha D-Mode, with a crossplane crankshaft concept to deliver an exciting, torquey and quick-revving engine character.

This 3-cylinder engine features Yamaha’s “Crossplane Crankshaft Concept” that provides linear torque development in response to the rider’s throttle input.

A new 6-speed transmission has also been adopted to match the new engine. The transmission “stacks” the input/output shafts to centralize mass and to keep the overall engine size shorter front to back, which optimizes engine placement in the frame for outstanding weight balance. The new ­­transmission brings out more of the low- to mid-speed torque and excellent response characteristics while reducing the need for frequent shifts.

The ride-by-wire Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) system senses the slightest throttle input by the rider, relays the data to the ECU which sends commands to a servo-motor actuator controlling the intake airflow volume.

The FJ-09 is equipped with Yamaha D-MODE (or “Drive Mode”) variable throttle control system. The rider can choose at will from three throttle valve control maps (Standard Mode, “A” Mode, and “B” Mode) for different performance characteristics.

Traction Control System (TCS) helps ensure smooth starts even on wet road surfaces or unpaved roads. The system detects rear wheel spin and reacts though combined control of the ignition timing, fuel injection volume and throttle opening (YCC-T).

For excellent damping characteristics, the front suspension is an inverted fork with 41mm inner tubes with 5.4 inches of travel. The front suspension features adjustment for spring preload and rebound damping.

The rear suspension features a linked-type Monocross ® shock. The shock is positioned below the seat and features an almost horizontal alignment. This unique positioning contributes to mass centralization and a slimmer body design. The rear suspension is also adjustable for spring preload and rebound damping.

Front brakes consist of two floating 298mm discs with 4-pot opposed piston calipers. The calipers are radial mounted.

Large 4.8 gallon fuel tank with 44 miles per gallon* means less-frequent stops for fuel when on the open road.

The rear suspension features an adjustable link-type Monocross ® shock that provides 5.1" of rear travel. The shock is positioned below the seat and features an almost horizontal alignment. This unique positioning contributes to make the body design more compact and optimize component. The rear suspension includes spring preload adjustment, allowing the rider to tailor the settings to match rider weight or load.

Lightweight Controlled-Fill die cast aluminum swingarm is used to reduce weight.

The windscreen of the front cowl can be height-adjusted to three positions at 15mm increments without the use of tools.

The aluminum tapered handlebars are adjustable up to 10mm to accommodate different rider physiques and preferences.

Multi-function instrument panel features speedometer, tachometer, fuel, clock, gear indicator, eco indicator, D-MODE and TCS indicators.

The main seat section can be adjusted to two height positions without using tools. The 2 positions are at 15mm increments.

A center stand is standard on the FJ-09 for added rider convenience when parking or doing maintenance.

A 12V electric outlet (on the side of the instrument panel) is standard as an additional convenience.


Engine Type: 847cc liquid-cooled inline 3-cylinder, DOHC, 12 valves
Bore x Stroke: 78.0 x 59.1mm
Compression Ratio: 11.5:1
Fuel Delivery: Fuel Injection
Ignition: TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
Transmission: 6-speed; multiplate wet clutch
Final Drive: Chain
Suspension / Front: 41mm fork; adjustable preload and rebound damping; 5.4-in travel
Suspension / Rear: Single shock; adjustable preload and rebound damping; 5.1-in travel
Brakes / Front: ABS, Dual hydraulic disc, 298mm
Brakes / Rear: Hydraulic disc, 245mm
Tires / Front: 120/70-ZR17M/C
Tires / Rear: 180/55-ZR17M/C
L x W x H: 85.0 x 37.4 x 53.0 – 54.1 in
Seat Height: 33.3 or 33.9 in
Wheelbase: 56.7 in
Rake (Caster Angle): 24°
Trail: 3.9 in
Fuel Capacity: 4.8 gal
Est. Fuel Economy*: 44 mpg
Wet Weight**: 462 lb
Color: Matte Gray; Candy Red

* Fuel economy estimates are based on US EPA exhaust emission certification data obtained by Yamaha. Your actual mileage will vary depending on road conditions, how you ride and maintain your vehicle, accessories, cargo and operator/passenger weight.
** Wet weight includes the vehicle with all standard equipment and all fluids, including oil, coolant (as applicable) and a full tank of fuel. It does not include the weight of options or accessories. Wet weight is useful in making real-world comparisons with other models.

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