Laguna Seca 2013 - Pictures and Words

Photos by Kinney Jones

With MotoGP being done with the US rounds for the year, we thought it was time for a look back at Bikeland's annual attendance of the Laguna Seca stop. This year saw what looked to be yet another drop in vendor numbers. Seems every year we have more food options but less chances to actually buy any motorcycle parts or accessories. One segment that did definitely grow this year was attorneys specializing in motorcycle accidents. There were no less than four firms with booths in the vendor area.

Ducati did up the infield island in style again. Honda and Yamaha returned with their usual large displays. Suzuki hung on with a single truck display. Kawasaki was once again no-where to be found, despite showing well in the AMA classes. Also missing once again was clear communication among volunteers and staff. On a couple occasions we lost an hour to bad directions from people who clearly did not have enough training (no offence to the volunteers and staff as they all clearly were trying to do their best with what they had to work with). How many years does an event have to run before all the kinks are worked out?

Fan attendance appeared healthy and happy again though. It is simply hard to have a bad time surrounded by fellow bikers and racing fans, with a weekend full of 2 wheeled entertainment right in front of you. Bikeland members who came by HQ in Chaparral B got to supplement the questionable excitement of greeting forum admin frEEk with getting their picture taken with our lovely umbrella girls. Scroll down to take a gander at said lovely ladies and a whole lot more of the action from this year's Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix at Laguna Seca.

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