Who’s going to be the 2013 Supercross Series Champion?

Bikeland’s armchair quarterbacks offer observations and predictions

With the 2013 Monster Energy Supercross series season on the cusp of its half way point, the high road to the championship crown is wide open. Davi Millsaps continues to amaze all with his near full race points lead. Race watcher theory would say the RockStar Suzuki rider should be at career end this year. Marriage and fatherhood if not father time should have slowed him up the last two years. This is the same Davi Millsaps after all, who used to lose chin up contest bets with his Honda team manager. At Anaheim’s season-opening press day, media interest in Davi was on par with day old sushi from an August picnic. But so far, a leaner, more mature Millsaps has stunned almost everyone, thumbing his nose at assumptions he would soon be just another former racer with a riding school.

With a twenty two points over 2nd place Ryan Villopoto, Milsap’s confidence is high. Nailing holeshots and making that late stage Anaheim III re-pass on James Stewart will do that but consistently avoiding first lap tangles has been the real key to Davi’s two wins and seven podiums so far.

The top riders media did fawn over at A-1 have all had bizarre misfortunes so far. Despite not being on a podium for seven races, the iconic and injured James Stewart’s brilliant Atlanta win reminded everybody he could probably still win the last nine races of the season but… he won’t. Even if he did it would take a miracle to make up 48-74 point deficits on front runners Millsaps, Villopoto and Dungey.

Reigning 2012 champ, Ryan Villopoto, the fittest, most aggressive rider on the circuit has won three races, but continues to have a knack for finding trouble. Bad starts have caused most of the woes for Kawasaki’s main man. RV’s going to need better consistency to stay with Millsap’s and “Steady Eddie” Ryan Dungey. Dungey has had a surprisingly bad first half too. An Anaheim III nightmare was narrowly averted when his KTM team fitted a prototype rear air shock. The shock deflated on the start line causing him to miss the heat and barely make the main event after getting tangled up in the Last Chance Qualifier a race he should never be in, let alone finish second. Dungey went on to win the main event but had to wonder what KTM and Roger DeCoster were thinking.

Two-Two Honda Motorsports rider/team owner Chad Reed, in 5th with 127 points has had a miserable year so far. Many thought he was biding time, and would dominate San Diego where he’s always been the best. A front wheel wash out while setting up a pass on winner Millsaps half way through the race cost him 14 points and probably his title chances.

Team Honda Muscle Milk’s Trey Canard continues to redefine the term “warrior” with his perseverance and tenacity despite the injuries his young body’s endured the last twelve months. He still has a shot at the title but he’ll need more starting gate luck to ensure he can keep going toe to toe with RV, Dungey and Milsaps.

All the vets have had their hands full with 450 class rookie Justin “Bam-Bam” Barcia. The go- for-broke Honda Muscle Milk rider won Phoenix but has DNF’d two races leaving him a distant 6th overall. To make life even tougher for the top 450 guns, another blazing 450 rookie, defending 250 West Champ, Eli Tomac, with Honda and Geico’s blessing, has also decided to run selected East Coast 450 rounds until the 250 ‘left coast.’ series resumes. Tomac could be a spoiler for any of the top five at this point since he has no chance to win the title.

This years 450 Supercross series has never had so many former main event winners and champions running at one time. The talent is so deep now any mid pack start requires passing a half dozen former 250 or 450 Series Champs just to see a podium.

Having so much talent in every race is what makes watching Supercross so much fun and predicting Championship outcomes so difficult. A 2013 Millsaps or Canard crown would make a great Cinderella story but Bikeland’s knowledge of the teams, riders, and remaining venues has us putting our chips on the Ryan’s. Villopoto and Dungey. As eight rounds have shown, they have the drive and what it takes to be survive. All they need is consistent starts and of course… a little luck. To fans with different opinions we offer only friendly advice: If you don’t bet on them, don’t bet against them.

450 Supercross Points Standings after eight of 17 rounds

1) Davi Millsaps: 174
2) Ryan Villopoto: 152
3) Ryan Dungey: 148
4) Trey Canard: 135
5) Chad Reed: 127
6) Justin Barcia: 116
7) Andrew Short: 102
8) James Stewart: 100
9) Justin Brayton: 91
10) Matt Goerke: 79

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