Kawasaki's Concours14 - Bikeland's Longterm Review

Here's our Longterm Review of Kawasaki's Concours14 with our Likes and Dislikes listed below...

What we liked...

- The Concours14 absolutely DEVOURS miles - you will travel faster and farther on this bike than any bike you've ever owned
- Amazing brakes with the ABS model (as tested)
- Fantastic, responsive handling
- ZX-14 lineage
- Piles of storage space / Hard Bags
- Excellent fuel economy
- Fantastic, smooth power delivery
- Shaft drive
- Pleasing to the eye
- Easy mods to get more power
- Lots of wind and weather protection for Pilot & Pillion
- Smooth acceleration added to pillion comfort

What we didn't like...

- A little on the heavy side for our liking
- Bike feels detuned - if you're used to a ZX-14 or Busa, you'll be wanting more -easy mods are available to solve this
- Stock windscreen too short for taller riders
- On some bikes. engine heat seemingly randomly dissipated onto pilot's legs
- Inconsistent fit and finish - had several items fall off or become loose.
- Frustrating key/latching process for hard bags if they are removed
- Keyless "KIPASS" start system needs considerably development. Key still needed to lock/unlock bags and fuel so we felt there was little point to the keyless system as a key was still required.
- Passenger seat may be uncomfortable for some pillions for extremely long rides
- Pillion felt rear footpeg position placed pillion's feet in pilot's operating space
- Awkward for pillion to get on/off bike with bags attached

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Source: Bikeland.org & Concours14.com

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