AOL Video & Fancast Stream full episodes of CHiPs Online...

Miss the days before cell phones and Ninja motorcycles? Back when cops really cared about you?

AOL Video and FANCAST are now streaming classic episodes of CHiPs, free of charge. AOL Video currently hosts 54 episodes online, while FANCAST hosts 16.

Tune in with your computer and high-speed connection to watch Jon & Ponch ride the streets of Southern California in search of bad guys, Disco dancing and of course - hot babes. Content is geoblocked, and is only viewable to those in the USA, so if you're elsewhere on this planet you'll have to dig up a proxy to get your daily CHiPs fix... embedded episodes and links below...

TV Guide cover from January 12, 1980

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"Dynamite Alley" - Season 4, Episode 24


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