Meet the New President of Kawasaki Motors Corp, U.S.A. - Takeshi Teranishi

If you're in the right place at the right time, you can meet the coolest people! Spotted taking a stroll around the pits at the 2009 Las Vegas Supercross Finals, just ahead of his Company taking victories in both the Supercross Lites and the Supercross Main Event, is KMC's new President, Takeshi Teranishi (left) along with KMC's Senior Executive Advisor of Planning, Marketing & Sales, Kenji Nagahara.

Mr. Teranishi, who took over from Scott Kiyama on April 1st, 2009, was kind enough to sign the Bikeland flag - the same flag that so many of you have signed and carried to events all around the world!

You can find out more about Kawasaki's newest Commander and Chief by following this link

Left to Right... Bikeland, Takeshi Teranishi, Kenji Nagahara, Stanley Takagi


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