Tested! Coocase V36 Wizard Topcase “Luxury Edition” by Twisted Throttle

In the land of carrying-stuff-on-your-bike there’s a ton of options for riders available online. New to the North American market is Coocase, carried by aftermarket accessories supplier Twisted Throttle. Offering top quality construction at a reasonable price, the Coocase has proved to be a welcome addition to our everyday riding.

We set to work fitting Twisted Throttle’s Aluminum SW-Motech rack to our new Hayabusa in hopes of taking better advantage of the big bike’s commuting abilities. The rack fit our ‘Busa flawlessly, without any modifications required to the bodywork. The Motech rack provides fitment for several brands of topcases, including Trax, Givi, Hepco-Becker and Krauser.

The rack, in appearance, is subtle and does not interfere with the overall look of your ride without the topcase in place. The only drawback, with the Hayabusa specifically, was the inability to install the solo seat cowl while using the rack. With the rack in place you’re limited to using the rear passenger seat only.

The Coocase comes complete with a universal mounting plate and a wiring harness that integrates with your bike’s electrical system to provide you with some nifty. Using the remote key fob you can lock & unlock the unit, Coocase comes with integrated LED brake lights as well as an alarm. The only relatively difficult part of the entire installation process was getting at the brake light lead buried in the back ass of our ‘Busa to tap in the Coocase wiring harness.

With the rack and wiring installed, we were ready to try the Coocase.

The 36-liter Wizard Coocase is beautifully constructed, and comes complete with a liner. We had no issues with the unit, regardless of weather conditions. The Coocase easily swallows up a full-face helmet and taking the topbox on and off your bike is as easy as pushing a button.

Overall, the entire system has been extremely satisfying, and has given us the opportunity to use our Hayabusa for a little bit more than playing in the back roads or posing on the dyno.

Our only complaint has to do with the exposed electrical contacts on the Motech rack – though this problem is common to the Givi system as well. Although Coocase provides you with a small rubber cover to protect the terminals when your case is not installed, it still goes against our common sense to leave electrical terminal's metal bits open where they could potentially short out.

It would make sense for both Coocase and Givi to include some sort of switch to kill the power to the rack when the topbox is not in use. For now, we’ve decided to install small inline switch underneath the rack to solve this potential issue.

The Coocase and Motech rack are available for most late model Sportbikes, including the ZX-14.

You can order the specific bits for your 2008 & 2009 Suzuki Hayabusa from Twisted Throttle by visiting their site….

To build the Hayabusa setup you’ll need…

The SW-Motech Rack - retails for about $160 and you can find out more by clicking here

The Coocase V36 Wizard topcase, Luxury edition - retails for $249 and you can find out more by clicking here.

Side rack mounts are also available if you want to expand your system to include hard bags.

Source: Bikeland.org

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