Yamaha's James Stewart a No-Show for Pre-Race Press Conference – Chad Reed lays down the Smacktalk

Chad Reed, defending Champion, lays down the Smacktalk about James Stewart and the controversial Kyle Chisholm disqualification.

With James Stewart a no-show at the Press Conference, Chad Reed had the floor to himself as he talked about the upcoming finale to a tense and exciting season.

When asked why he thought James Stewart was a no show, Chad Reed replied,

"I have no idea – it seems weird that you would miss the final press conference of the year".

Chad went on to ask Supercross fans to not count him out winning the Championship just yet…

"I have a shot of it and I believe it is a pretty good shot and I am going to give it everything I've got. It's been a pretty hard year and it is coming down to the last race, just like every other year don't ever count me out because I am out there to give it my all. Six points down and I have nothing to lose. Checkers to Wreckers."

When the subject of Kyle Chisholm came up, Reed answered with an attack on his former team L&M Racing, and Larry Brooks…

"I've always tried to be honest with you guys and tell you my side of the story and what I feel. Who can deny that it wasn't intentional? You watch the video – it's quite obvious. His line, he's positioned being a lap down, and the obvious – being James' teammate. It was a shame – you know, I don't believe that Kyle's a bad person, or anything like that. I've heard he's a good guy. I don't know him personally – it seems as though he's a good person and it seems weird that a good person would go do that.

There's a paper trail a mile long of what people – should I say, his Boss? (Reed referring to Larry Brooks) – has done along the way. I think through the years we can all find little things that he's done. One that stands out most is sitting Boniface out of a race because he wouldn't "help" somebody – taking his rear wheel out of the bike. I find it quite amusing, quite funny – and each and every one of these people sitting in this room I believe know the real truth and what really happened, whether they write that or not is, I think is… uh… (Reed looking at the Press) 'er I know everyone needs to be "political".

The Smack continues…

Reed repeatedly told the Press in attendance that he was going to "race James Stewart the way he's raced me and everybody else since 2002"

When asked if it would ever come to blows…

"To come to blows, you have to have someone who is willing to throw down too, so you know? So I don't think we are that close to getting ready to throw down. I grew up as a normal kid, I went to a public school, a regular school – I got on the bus and wore a uniform. I grew up on a playground, not like most of these Supercross kids who are home schooled."

On Stewart in Jacksonville...

"When we landed the triple he cut right in front of me – I thought that was dangerous. I should have just kept the throttle pinned and he would have landed on his melon."

About the race and the finale...

"This title has a Hell of a lot more riding on it than just that… there's a lot of pride involved and a lot of – I would call it hatred – of what happened last year, and the situation that it's left in – still to this day. There's nothing more I want to do than to stand on that podium tomorrow night and be Champion, so I will do everything in my power to make that happen."

Reed also issued this warning…

"I think a lot of people watched last week's race and were a little disappointed so if people take things into their own hands that's beyond anything that I can control"

The final round of the Monster Energy® AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship returns to Las Vegas's Sam Boyd Stadium, May 2 2009. You can find out more at [ur] http://supercrossonline.com/[/url].

Source: Bikeland.org

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