Get out there and ride!

The road unrolls itself in front of you like an endless ribbon. The miles click off and your life is defined by stopping for gas and stopping to take in the view.

By now, summer has reached almost everyone - if you couldn't ride before, you can now. If you've never taken a road trip on your bike, drop what you're doing, pack your bags and go! You don't need much - not even a destination - just point your bike in a direction and twist the throttle.

Don't let people tell you that you can't do it - you don't need a big expensive touring bike, almost any roadworthy bike will do. The adventures you have on the way will create memories for you that will last a lifetime.

I was once told that it's the bad things and the difficulties you overcome on a road trip that make it interesting - it's those things that you look back on and remember. So, tell the boss you won't be in for a week. Kiss your wife on the cheek and tell her you're taking the credit card (or if you're lucky enough, she may come along).

Hit a few flea bag motels and maybe a campsite or two. Build a campfire. Meet some new people and spend some personal time with your motorcycle.

You won't regret it!


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