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Ducati's exotic D16RR makes a public appearance at WDW, and they send us this report. We understand people with enough money to afford this machine may be fickle, and tire of it almost immediately, so if anyone wants to donate one or they're suddenly tired of theirs, please contact us. We'll take any color. We don't have any money, but we'll mow your lawn and wash your many cars to help pay it off.

From Ducati....


The Ducati Desmosedici RR made its first ever public appearance in action around the Misano Circuit at World Ducati Week 2007 on Saturday, ridden by official Ducati MotoGP Team test rider, Vittoriano Guareschi.

In front of thousands of Ducatisti, the pre-series version of the highly complex L-four cylinder MotoGP replica took to the circuit for a 15 minute session to demonstrate its incredible 200hp performance and to signify the progress of the project as it approaches production. Over 170 people from 19 countries who have already placed orders for the Desmosedici RR travelled to WDW2007 to witness the public track debut of the bike that was first announced at the same event back in 2004.

Ducati Motor Holding CEO, Gabriele Del Torchio, who took time to meet some of the expectant owners, announced: "The Desmosedici RR demonstrates Ducati's world-beating design and technological innovation and I am extremely proud to have witnessed its first public appearance in action. This is a dream motorcycle that is destined to become an icon, endorsed by the fact that so many of the world's top sportsmen and celebrities alike have placed orders to own one. The excitement behind this project is incredible and WDW2007 has been a great opportunity to celebrate its progress."

As the world's first true MotoGP replica, the Ducati Desmosedici RR has an impressive specification, at the heart of which beats the record-breaking 989cc L-four Desmodromic engine in twin-pulse configuration. Technical features taken directly from the racing GP6 include the sand-cast aluminium crankcases and magnesium engine covers which enclose a cassette type six-speed gearbox and hydraulically actuated dry multi-plate slipper clutch. Additional replications that contribute to the 200hp produced in standard trim are double overhead cams, actuating 4 titanium valves per cylinder, gear driven from a crankshaft which has titanium connecting rods. One feature of the Desmosedici RR which represents a unique ground-breaking design is the 'vertical exit' exhaust silencer, ingeniously hidden in the tail-piece.

"Today was another great milestone in Ducati's fantastic history," said Director of Product Development of Ducati Motor Holding and CEO of Ducati Corse, Claudio Domenicali, speaking at the WDW2007 event. "I clearly remember the press launch of the Desmosedici racing project at the 2002 Mugello GP, and we were already thinking about building a replica for the street as a tribute to our fans all around the world. This bike is for them and for their passion of Ducati. We are extremely pleased with the final result, the bike is fantastic both statically and dynamically. During my last test of the Desmosedici RR in Mugello last month, I felt that the main project goal had been fully achieved. The chassis is rigid and the engine crisp just like the racing Desmosedici and this is the very essence of the project: to leave the owner with a taste of our MotoGP bike."

Orders for the limited production machine flooded in via the official Ducati dealer network as soon as the machine was unveiled at the Mugello GP in 2006. The motorcycle is now undergoing final development tests before going into production this autumn as scheduled.

Source: & Ducati

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