Maryland Lawmaker pushes to Ban Motorcycles from Street Use

WTOP and the Associated Press are reporting that public outcry after a multi-vehicle crash on the Beltway involving a speeding motorcyclist is grounds enough to ban the machines from our streets altogether.

Referring to motorcycles as "Death Machines", the report from WTOP follows...

Bronrott: Crotch Rockets Are 'Potential Death Machines'

Saying that so-called bullet bikes or crotch rockets are "wreaking a tremendous amount of havoc on our roadways," one Maryland lawmaker says the state should consider banning the motorcycles from street use.

A crash on the Capital Beltway Wednesday night killed two people and left 15 others injured. Police say that the accident happened as they were trying to stop one of these speeding motorcycles.

"They are potential death machines in the wrong hands," says Delegate Bill Bronrott of Montgomery County. "I think we should look at the possibility of saying, 'Hey, these are only intended for recreational use and should be used on race courses rather than on public highways."

Bronrott says Maryland State Police are contacting jurisdictions around the country to see how they handle the motorcycles. He says Maryland needs to investigate whether higher penalties would reduce problems associated with the motorcycles and/or whether laws need to be changed.

"It is definitely worth looking into whether or not we should totally ban these from our public roads or not," Bronrott says.

Police are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the seven-car, chain-reaction crash that closed the Beltway Wednesday night.

It started at about 7 p.m. when a Prince George's County police officer spotted a speeding motorcycle and positioned himself to stop it on the inner loop, police said. The motorcycle rider swerved in front of a civilian car and sped away, causing the officer's car to hit the civilian's.

That car rolled down an embankment onto the outer loop, where five other cars crashed into each other.

Two people in the car that went over the embankment died. Prince George's County Police have identified them as Kevin McCarter, 40, of Ft. Washington, Md. and Sidney Clanton Jr., age unknown, of Buffalo, N.Y.

Two of the injured were police officers. One was flown to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. The other was also hospitalized, but his injuries were not considered life-threatening.

Law enforcement sources tell WTOP the officers involved in the accident had been alerted to a felony in progress, and were given a lookout for the cycle.

Officers are looking for the motorcycle and rider believed to be responsible.

Police say they were chasing a black, high-speed, nimble racing motorcycle.

A video camera in the police cruiser did capture the chase, but police have not provided a more detailed description of the bike, or any license plate information.

The accident and rescue effort caused the highway to be closed in both directions, backing up traffic for miles.

Police are asking anyone with information to call them at 301-772-4710 or 301-731-4422.

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