Bikeland 4.0 * Site Update Info Here *

There are always changes being made behind the scenes at Bikeland, some of them subtle - most you never even know about - but our latest updates are hard to ignore! Many of you only visit the communities hosted within Bikeland and aren't aware that we have an entire section dedicated to motorcycle news and information. We've taken parts of these areas; the Headlines, Featured News, Articles, as well as the Columns and the Calendar and integrated them into the index of every forum.

We care about your opinion and we know how many of you don't want to have race results spoiled, so we've taken the extra step of hiding all race results for a 48 hour period from the time of posting in every forum index. The race results will still be live and viewable if you visit the frontpage of the site so if you have any concerns about seeing results you don't want to see, don't enter through the frontpage on raceday.

We've made a few other changes including cleaning up the frontpage and changing the way you navigate and search the site. In short order we hope to add a dropdown menu to the blue toolbar visible on every page of the site. This dropdown will allow you to quickly navigate to a specific forum or section within Bikeland. Also on the to do list is the addition of a sponsor's page geared towards small companies (kind of like the equivalent to the back pages of a magazine.) We know lots of you have enquired about supporting the site, and we are still struggling with maintaining a low-key non-commercial image yet still allow the small shop owner access to advertise his or her products.

If you click on the headings "Headlines" or "Featured News" you'll be taken to the archive of these stories. There're a lot of them, and they span years of info. This will be the next major task in upgrading the site, and it will involve tagging all previous info to fit into categories to make it easier to search. Eventually this will trickle into the forums so that you can tag posts to help them fit into a category.

Thanks for all your support!

Enjoy the site!


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