Let it Ride... Stewart Dominates in Vegas Supercross Finals

The Amp'd Mobile AMA Supercross Series finals are always a great reason to spend the weekend in Vegas. Even though the Supercross points spread already had the top spots etched in stone, fans packed the stands to see their favorite Supercross Superstars rock Las Vegas' Sam Boyd Stadium. Ricky Carmichael was in the house - not to race - but to watch the show, and of course attend the many Vegas after parties, banquets and events.

The Lites Dave Coombs East-West Shootout had a strong Kawasaki representation with the West coast champion Ryan Villopoto and East coast champion Ben Townley going head to head in the main event.

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In the first Lites elimination round West Coast Kawasaki rider Ryan Villopoto raced with his Red #1 plate to a first place finish with #58 Josh Hill Yamaha in second and #73 Jake Weimer on a Honda coming in third. Josh Grant #24 went wide in the first lap on his Honda and lost some time as the pack passed him by, but was still able to finish in the Top 9 and continue on to the main event. Matthew Lemoine, the #630 Yamaha rider did not finish and Anthony Charette #319 KTM did not start but were both on the line for the last chance qualifier.

The East Coast Lites elimination winner also wore a Red #1 plate; Ben Townley on a Kawasaki. Second place went to Yamaha's #33 Matthew Goerke and in third #62 Ryan Dungey on a Suzuki. Mike Alessi #800 KTM and Matt Boni # 609 Kawasaki both crashed and weren't able to finish this round but were up and ready to go for their last chance qualifier.

The first elimination round of the Supercross had Chad Reed #22 Yamaha take a strong start and keep it for the entire heat. Kevin Windam #14 Honda chased Chad and finished second with #118 David Millsaps on a Honda taking third. Kyle Mace #99 Kawasaki, Cole Seibler # 90 Honda and #111 Michael Sleeter KTM took hits fighting to finish and did not carry on to the Supercross Main Event.

The second elimination round saw the Champion James Stewart #7 Kawasaki take an early lead and own the track. Tim Ferry # 15 Kawasaki qualified second and #29 Andrew Short riding a Honda came in third.

The Last Chance East-West Lites shoot out took the top 4 riders of 4 laps. Billy Laninovich #50 Honda, #338 Jason Lawrence on a Yamaha, #577 Martin Davalos KTM and #801 Jeff Alessi KTM got to go on to race in the Lites Main event. Matthew Lamoine #630 on a Yamaha crash landed on his head during the first lap but was able to finish the race.

The Supercross last chance qualifier had a red flag on the start and the riders had to be reeled back in to return to the gate and try again. The false start bent the gate and a crew of workers worked quickly to bend it back into shape so that it would be a fair start. Only the top 2 riders in this 6 lap race would be moving on to the main event. Ivan Tedesco #9 on a Suzuki took a strong lead in front of a green wave of Kawasaki riders. The battle between #37 Paul Carpenter and #917 Eric Sorby both on Kawasaki ended in Paul Carpenter crossing the finish line in second. Eric Sorby did not continue on to the main event, but he did go home winning the $750 RacerX gas card. Privateer David Vuillemin #12 won a Weekend Warrior trailer for being the top ranking Supercross Privateer.

The entire crowd was on their feet as the lites main event got off to a fast start. Everyone watched as # 1 Ben Towley riding for Kawasaki took the Progressive hole shot award. The first lap saw both #1 Kawasaki riders Ben and Ryan Villopoto have mechanical problems and fall into last place and then out of the race. Robert Kiniry #54 Kawasaki crashed in the 4th lap and after kicking his front wheel back into shape he was able to continue the race. Ryan Dungey #62 riding on a Suzuki took the lead from the first lap and held it for the entire race. Jake Weimer #73 Honda trailed behind Ryan Dungey in second. Third place was held by #577 Martin Davalos riding for KTM and #338 Jason Lawrence on a Yamaha fought his way up to forth but wasn't able to make the top three.

The Supercross Main event started with fireworks and James Stewart #7 Kawasaki took the $1500 Progressive Direct hole shot. By the 14th lap James Stewart had a 14 second lead. Chad Reed #22 retiring from the outdoor circuit after this race chased the Kawasaki Champion. Kevin Windham #14 riding a Honda tried to challenge Chad Reed #22, but was unable to complete a pass as lapped riders made it difficult. By the 16th lap James Stewart had a 16 second lead and continued to gain a second every lap with only the yellow flags slowing him down. David Millsaps took a hard hit on the 4th lap and was assisted off the track and at the same spot #8 Grant Langston later crashed and was unable to finish the race. Robbie Reynard # 17 Honda also crashed and was unable to complete the Supercross Main Event.

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It never gets hard to watch Kawasaki's #7 James Stewart win over and over. Stewart wins so well that even when he has the race in his pocket he still races with all his heart, as he showed the Amp'd Mobile AMA Supercross fans tonight.

Source: Bikeland.org

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