Stewart Crowned Champ in Seattle!

Congratulated by his father, an emotional James Stewart wins the Seattle Amp'd Mobile Supercross, taking home two #1 plates and the title of Amp'd Mobile World Supercross GP Champion and the Amp'd Mobile Supercross Series Champion.

The normally rainy Seattle Amp'd Mobile Supercross was bone dry much to the relief of the crowd of 47,445. During the opening show fans were worked into frenzy as Kawasaki's James Stewart climbed the fence and mingled with the crowd in the stands. James took off his helmet and threw it into the stands. He rode the rest of his opening lap helmetless, waving to fans as the Quest Field filled with cheers for the Kawasaki rider.

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Two Red Bull flyers parachuted down into the stadium with smoke trailing from their heels. Fireworks and flames exploded all around the track and the races were off to a start.

The first round of qualifying lites saw #58 Yamaha's Joshua Hill come in first after battling his way through the pack. Martin Davalos #577 on a KTM qualified second and #622 Kyle Cunningham on a Yamaha took third. At the end of the race a fist fight broke out between #577 Davalos and #74 Partridge (Honda) and both riders were disqualified, receiving a DNF for their efforts. Consequently #622 Cunningham was bumped up to second and Jake Weimer #73 riding for Honda qualified third.

The second round of lites saw the pack sorted out after the first turn with #51 Ryan Villopoto on a Kawasaki taking the lead and holding onto it. Behind him was #338 Jason Lawrence on a Yamaha and #24 Joshua Grant on a Honda.

The first round of the Supercross qualifier saw #14 Kevin Windham on a Honda take the lead and keep it just out of the reach of #22 Chad Reed riding for Yamaha. David Vuillemin # 12 on a Honda moved from fourth in the second lap to third in the fifth and kept it to cross the finish in third.

The second round of Supercross qualifying saw #7 James Stewart take the lead after the first turn with #9 Suzuki's Ivan Tedesco take second. The battle between # 26 Michael Byrne riding for Suzuki and #29 Andrew Short on a Honda for third was won by the Suzuki rider Michael Byrne.

This was an exciting round to watch with several riders crashing out in the first lap. A three way collision caused a delay for #118 David Millsaps (Honda), #768 Keith Johnson (Yamaha), and #53 Taylor Evans (Suzuki). # 627 Leighton Lillie (Honda) went down and was unable to continue. On the third lap #13 Heath Ross (Honda) went down and the fifth lap there was another multiple bike crash involving #8 Grant Langston (Yamaha), #32 Ryan Clark (Honda) tangling up other riders as they tried to maneuver by.

The Lites last Chance qualifier was taken by #630 Matthew Lemoine (Yamaha) and #138 Michael Lapaglia (Yamaha). # 17 Steve Boniface came in last but took home $250 from Asterisk to help get him to Vegas next weekend.

The last Chance qualifier for the Supercross was given to #118 David Millsaps (Honda) and #8 Grant Langston (Yamaha) who recovered from his crash to take the last of the two spots.

The Seattle Lites Hole shot was won by #102 Christopher Gosselaar riding for Kawasaki. He got a check for a $1000 that Christopher said would come in handy next weekend in Vegas at the black jack table.

The Lites Main Event was won by #51 Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki) who took the lead in the seventh lap and kept it until the end of the race. Second place was awarded to #338 Jason Lawrence on a Yamaha who moved to second in the tenth lap. Third was #58 Joshua Hill who held onto the lead from the second to sixth lap, fell back and then climbed up to third in the twelfth lap, holding it until the finish. Several riders - Cunningham, Graham, Rodrigues and Bose crashed.

The $1500 Supercross Main Event hole shot was presented to #40 Jeff Gibson on a Kawasaki, who said he was going to use the money to pay some bills.

The Supercross Main Event lead was taken by Kawasaki's #7 James Stewart, who once again dominated the race. There was a bit of a shuffle but by the eighth lap the order for the rest of the race was worked out. David Millsaps was in a solid second and #14 Kevin Windam finished in third.

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Stewart walks away from Seattle as the Amp'd Mobile World Supercross GP Champion and the Amp'd Mobile Supercross Series Winner for 2007.

The Amp'd Mobile Supercross wraps up its 2007 season in Las Vegas, Nevada next weekend.


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