How to build a 1098 from Scratch

At Daytona, Bikeland and shot raw footage of an impromptu presentation by Gianandrea Fabbro, one of the Senior Designers of the Ducati 1098, as he explained in detail the creation of the motorcycle.

DNA has provided with the PDF used in the presentation from Daytona, and we're passing it along to all of our readers! This PDF is packed full of never before seen images of the 1098 from paper, to clay, to the street!!

Please RIGHT CLICK - SAVE AS THIS LINK FOR THE PDF! to download the 46 Page presentation from Ducati used in the videos linked below.

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All 12 three minute videos that go along with the PDF are provided in direct links below....




Video Part 1 of 12

Video Part 2 of 12

Video Part 3 of 12

Video Part 4 of 12

Video Part 5 of 12

Video Part 6 of 12

Video Part 7 of 12

Video Part 8 of 12

Video Part 9 of 12

Video Part 10 of 12

Video Part 11 of 12

Video Part 12 of 12

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