Hangin' at the Hess in Daytona Beach

Every year the masses descend upon Daytona Beach, Florida for Bikeweek. While the American Iron concentrates itself on the blocks surrounding Main Street, down by the racetrack on International Speedway Boulevard, near the Waffle House you'll find where the Sportbikes hang out... thousands of them. This local gas station has been a gathering point for Sportbike riders for years, and during Bikeweek the station is virtually shut down by the crush of riders who block the pumps, and simply hang out.

Periodically the Police cruise by and clear the Hess out, but the riders return. It's rumored that the Hess attendants turn off certain portions of the Hess sign to signal Police that it's time for them to attend. Around the back in an adjacent parking lot you'll find deals being cut for high stakes street races and other underground activities.

Don't think you'll only find street punks at this Hess... it's chocked full of a bizarre mix of Industry big heads and executives, right down to everyday folk like the rest of us. Every now and then a lone, lost tourist who knows nothing about Bikeweek or the Hess and its history will try to pull in and buy some gas.

If you make it to Daytona Beach and Bikeweek and you ride a Sportbike, don't miss hangin' out at the Hess. Put it at the top of your list. It's a site to be seen, and don't worry if you're a night owl. We left the Hess at 4:30 am and there were still about a hundred bikes there...

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Source: Bikeland.org

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