Racing Superstars Mingle with Fans at HRCA's 'Dinner in Daytona Beach'

Want to have dinner with some of racing's Superstars? Then mark your calendar for Bikeweek in Daytona, Florida and grab yourself a ticket for the Honda Rider's Club of America's annual "Dinner in Daytona Beach". The limited admission $45 event is a sell-out every year, with only 200 tickets available. Those lucky enough to get inside have a chance to rub shoulders with racing superstars, some television personalities, and of course other riders who are passionate about their Hondas.

This year's dinner was held inside Daytona International Speedway, next to the winner's circle at the famous Daytona 500 Club. Attendees got a chance to walk the pits, go inside the race team's trucks to check out where the teams work, and also had the opportunity to walk the Supercross and Road Race tracks.

After dinner HRCA members were treated to a question and answer session with a panel of riders introduced by HRCA President Bill Savino, Fast Freddie Spencer and SPEED's Greg White... an impress panel of riders representing Honda's best from Road Racing to Dirt, in attendance was:

Road Racing...

Ryan Elleby
Aaron Gobert
Josh Hayes
Jake Zemke
Ryan Andrews
Miguel Duhamel


Davi Millsaps
Tommy Hahn
Billy Laninovich
Jeremy McGrath
Andrew Short
Ryan Sypes
Travis Preston

The Honda Rider's Club of America was started in 1991 and has about 200,000 members. Anyone who purchases a new Honda motorcycle, watercraft or ATV automatically receives a one year membership. Member benefits include access and motorcycle parking at AMA events like Daytona, VIR and Laguna Seca, online access to service manuals and access to the HRCA website and magazine.

Some rough video footage of the interview session....

It's McGrath's "Relaxation Time"

Direct Link

Don't Crash the only one!

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Memorable quotes from the evening:

Miguel Duhamel : "it's tempting not to do the speed limit." when asked about the speed limits in the pits.

Gobert : " been good so far - wish I had a parachute, never really punched the ground that hard before. The ice has helped" talking about his mishap on the track.

Jeremy McGrath : "When I am flying through the air I relax my hands on the grips and take a few deep breaths and hang out - because when I land, that's when the work starts again."

Jake Zemke : "I like the old (Daytona) track better, but that's part of racing - tracks always change".

Joah Hayes was asked when he first got to ride the new Honda 600 he answered, "Yesterday."

Miguel Duhamel : " I enjoy what I do. I enjoy hanging out and being around the guys. I enjoy being part of the Honda family, they have supported me all along and I enjoy working for them."

It is not only racers who are part of the Honda team dinner, a lot of the racers families come out too. Josh Hayes brought his fiance, Melissa who also races. Jake Zemke brought his new baby girl. Just like family, everyone is invited to join the HRCA and come to the Daytona Dinner, you don't have to own a Honda.

The next HRCA event that will be sure to sell out is the Turn 5 Suite access at Laguna Seca's MotoGP this summer. Tickets will be limited and are expected to cost $275 for the weekend.

To find out more about HRCA, their membership program and special events visit them online at With access to events like the Dinner at Daytona Beach the $29 annual fee is a bargain at twice the price.


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