How to post pictures for dummies--

I have a feeling there are many smart people of this site that have never posted a picture on this website because like me, they couldn't understand the directions in the FAQ section. Well I figured it out tonight.

In the Army we learned KISS. (Keep it simple stupid)

So, in order to put a picture on this website do the following... (you must be sober)

1) Click on the below site and save it to your favorites- (This site is one of many that may be used and this site is free)

2) Enter your user name and password. Hint: Use the same user name and password as used in Bikeland.

3) When the account information page comes up, enter your information and copy the code at the bottom. Then click Terms of Service and then SUBMIT-

4) You will then be shown an advertisement page- Forget it. Click on the bottom right hand corner that says- NO Thanks-

5) You will now be shown a page that says IMAGE UPLOAD at the top. Look just below for the BROWSE button. Click on it. The pictures in your photo album will suddenly pop up on the top left side. In that window go to the photo you wish to upload to Bikeland and CLICK on it. The link to your photo will now appear in the window to the left of the BROWSER window. (You are almost there. Do not start drinking quite yet.) You may now click on the word SUBMIT. If you want to start an album you may give it a name at the bottom of the page, like "Bikeland" or something to that effect.

6) The next page will have your image showing at the bottom. Below the image you will want to HIGHLIGHT the Img line. Once it his highlighted hit the buttons CONTROL then C. This will save the Img line in the computers' memory. Now you can pour yourself a drink and go to the Bikeland website.

7) Once on the Bikeland website hit the NEW TOPIC button or go to the thread where you want to post your picture. When the large white box appears put your curser in the upper left hand corner and hit the buttons on your computer CONTROL then V. Your tag line for your picture will then appear.

8) Below this line write anything you want regarding the topic in discussion. Then click SUBMIT NEW TREAD or SUBMIT REPLY and your new picture will miraculously appear in your Bikeland thread. Good luck to all. If I did this right a photo should appear below this line.

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