A Street Tire You Can Race With: The Pirelli Diablo Corsa III

Our friends at Pirelli dropped us a line the other day to let us know about their latest tire, the Diablo Corse III, a streetable track tire.... Here's what they had to say....

During the first appointment on the European Superstock 600 championship Pirelli will unveil yet another important initiative. After its debut season in 2005 the newest Superstock class showed itself to be highly competitive and exceeded everyone's best expectations. At Valencia we are obviously starting with the thought that the 2006 season will be fascinating - and a further vindication that the formula works well.

The motorcycles themselves are closely derived from ordinary roadgoing streetbikes, and run close to the standard road spec. Together with the relatively young age of the competing riders (maximum 21-years) it means that we can speak about Superstock 600 as an entry level championship.

This is why, in 2006, official tire supplier Pirelli has decided to use the Diablo Corsa in this class. A standard tire, homologated for use on the street and designed primarily for a roadbike rider with a sporty attitude.

A season of racing for Pirelli means a season of testing, analysis and study of its products. Pirelli is naturally oriented towards the development of its tires, and the track is still the ideal place to evaluate the performance of tires which are destined not only for the the racetrack, but the street. A product which is very much a tyre for the discerning end user, an evolved motorcyclist looking for high performance for sporty riding but who is not a professional rider when he takes to the racetrack. A street tire that you can race with, offering benefits in every possible form of use.

The solution was a tire which features differing compounds in different zones, capable of versatility of use and providing the performance needed on road and racetrack. In this way the new Diablo Corsa III was born.

Superstock 600 riders can therefore count on using a tyre which provides exceptional corner exit grip, allowing greater acceleration while still leaned over, holding the ideal line. These characteristics are now combined in a tire which is able to offer top performance for the entire race distance. But Pirelli remains faithful to the original phoilosophy of this championship, so the Diablo Corsa III remains a tire which was born for the street, but able to give to the street user the experience of the track and the full emotion of racing.

So once more Superbike offers diverse categories of racing and therefore the continuous work put in by Pirelli can be translated into the birth of a new tire. Once more the real beneficiary is the final user, who counts on a product designed for him and developed by top level riders, best able to interpret his needs. Riders who ride the same bikes, and share the same passion.

Source: Pirelli USA

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