Bikeland Chats with Kawasaki's James "Bubba" Stewart

Bikeland's Princesskiwi caught up with Kawasaki's James "Bubba" Stewart the night before the Amp'd Mobile Supercross Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here's what the Kawasaki rider had to say about life, racing and pizza...

PK: What do you do the night before a race?

James: The night before a race I sign autographs, I catch a bite to eat and then that's about it. I try to chill out the night before the race because I've got a big day tomorrow!

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PK: Do you have a special pre-race breakfast?

James: No, I mean I kinda eat the regular stuff... Just eggs and cereal to get a little strength before, but I mainly eat when I get to the track and have a good lunch and then we start our day off.

PK: How do you keep your energy up all day?

James: I'm so used to working out. I do it during the week. I run a whole bunch of laps. You know, I've got a program that I do that so when I get to race day it doesn't really seem like much. I work hard during the week and the weekend is just kinda like the easiest part of the week. (he laughs)

PK: I don't believe that but if you say so! (laughing)

PK: So, last weekend you were just in really really wet Seattle and now you're racing in the Desert in Vegas. How do those extreme differences affect your racing?

James: I kinda like (the mud.) The mud was cool to me! Twice this year we had mud races and I won both. The biggest thing is to just get out there not get sick. That's one thing when you've got 13 weeks in a row and then you've got 2 weeks off and you have more races to go. Just traveling on the airplane and then meeting different people I think you tend to get sick. I haven't got sick this year and I kinda appreciate that. I watch what I eat and always wash my hands.

PK: How's the Bike?

James: Kawasaki's great! They've just extended my deal. We're there for the next two years. I've been with these guys for 13 years now and I'm just really happy to be able to stay. The motorcycle's good. We've figured everything out and we've been doing great!

PK: What can your fans expect from you tomorrow?

James: (laughs) Hopefully to wrap up one Championship tomorrow. Hopefully I can become the World Champion tomorrow and maybe win the AMA. I may need a little help in that one because I'm 5 points back. If I can come out of there with two Championships, I'll be really happy!

PK: What's you favorite color?

James: Honestly, my favorite color is green, so it matches the bike! (laughs) Ha! ... gooood!

PK: What's your favorite pizza?

James: Pepperoni, I'm a pepperoni man.

PK: Do you have a lucky charm?

James: No, no lucky charm really. The Lord himself, but that's it.

PK: Does your Dad come to every race? I've seen him at a couple now.

James: Yeah, my Dad comes to every race I race so, it's fortunate enough I have a great family that supports me 100% and it makes things a lot easier on me just having a nice strong camp behind me.

PK: What do you do with your off-season?

James: Honestly there's no off-season. We get maybe two weeks off and then we're back on it. Just because we have races our season goes from January to September and then we have a race in October and then we have races in December so there's never really an off-season.

PK: What would you be doing if you weren't racing?

James: If I wasn't racing I'd probably race some cars or something! Yeah, that's my second passion. I've always love racing just because it's something I can do. It's all on me, it's no team sport. It's nothing, so if I lose the race I consider that I lost the race and not anybody else.

PK: If someone is starting dirt riding are there any tips you'd give them?

James: Yeah I think the reason I got this far is just having fun. I just tell young kids coming up and people who're just starting to race... You gotta take it to a point where you want to be serious but also you want to have fun.

PK: Hmmm... one last question. I've been having so much fun talking to you.

James: Anything you want!

PK: The fans seem to really, really like you.

James: Yeah, I think I bond well with my fans. You know I just realized what it feels like being on the other side of the fence and when I was coming up as an amateur and looking up to the guys I used to look up to, how they felt coming to these autograph things, getting an autograph meant so much so I just try to show them a good time. I like to hang out with them and show them I appreciate them for coming out and I think that's why they like me so much.

PK: It really shows. Do you have any causes you're working with or any charities you want to promote?

James: I'm more of a person that if I see a homeless guy on the street I give him a hundred dollars. If I see somebody that's going to a waffle house that doesn't have enough money to buy dinner I'll buy him dinner myself. That's how I do my charity. I don't have one particular charity that I donate to. I donate to a lot of charities but I like to give people money right off the street to see they're enjoying something from it.

PK: Very cool. Thank you very much! We'll be watching tomorrow!

James: You're welcome.

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