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... Something you can actually use! We reviewed the Techmount last summer, and their products keep getting better. From safely attaching a radar detector, to mounting our video camera on the ZX-14 at the World Press Introduction, Techmount's products are always a pleasure... Reasonably priced and extremely well made.

Techmount sent us some more information to help raise awareness of Techmount. Who can blame them? If you own any sort of gadget that needs mounting, this is the product for you and we give Techmount two thumbs up.

Missing Link Found: Techmount Conquers Indy

(OAKLAND, FL) When HighGear Specialties launched their how-cool-is-that? product line at Dealer Expo last February, a collective sigh of relief was heard from accessory manufacturers on the verge of desperation for lack of an elegant, universal, price-friendly and dependable mount for their products.

Whether it's listening to a tune-laden iPod or offroading in parts unknown and relying on a sophisticated GPS for a safe return, today's wireless, satellite-driven, Bluetooth coordinated accessories all have one thing in common: they require a safe, dependable, secure and robust method of attachment.

HighGear's Techmount line, designed from the ground up to look like OE, fits across product lines and is suitable for every riding style - from cruisers to touring to off-road. (There's an entire BMW-specific line available under the ZTechnik brand.)

Who benefits? Riders who increasingly are turning to personal technology in order to stay in touch, be entertained, navigate, record, and control their ride environment.

Techmount's elegant solutions are designed in a wide range of mounting methods that include stem, control, fairing, clamp, and mirror attachments. Options are numerous, including a choice of five colors plus chrome.

Contact info:

HighGear Specialties
940 W. Oakland Ave.
Oakland, FL 34787

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