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When this press release crossed our desk we knew we could finally relax. Ducati has got us covered! Now each and every one of you (especially Monster S4R owners) can fully integrate your Ducatis with your pimpin' lifestyle ... including your masculine scent... Read on, brothers and sistas!


Ducati and Ermenegildo Zegna, world leader in men's exclusive prêt-a-porter, continue to work together in 2006. Thanks to their shared focus on freedom and high quality, these two great Italian brands have joined together to create an exceptional object: the latest ultra-masculine fragrance. For the first birthday of the Z Zegna fragrance, Ducati has designed a special bottle, with all of the style and power of the Ducati Monster.

This limited edition fragrance has been dedicated to a unique man, a man that is passionate about freedom, travel, speed and always ready for great thrills. This is the first time a fragrance entrusts the design of its bottle to the inspiration and ability of a legendary brand like Ducati.

Z is for Zegna. Behind this ultimate letter, the noblest of the alphabet, lies a unique world. The world of a family, a brand and, above all, a style with resolute elegance: the Zegna style. It is also the world of a contemporary man, with style, elegance and in love with authenticity, but firmly rooted in today's era: the Zegna man.
Finally, it is the world of a line, Z Zegna, a sharp interpretation of the Zegna style for a man in constant movement, as passionate about freedom as he is about performance. He is constantly on the lookout for new sensations. The suppleness of leather, the purity of metal, the perfection of high-tech mechanics... This is what he loves and what defines the incomparable, stylish and masculine charm of this modern aesthete, still faithful to his Italian roots.

An exceptional bottle for an exceptional encounter - more high-tech, creative and masculine than ever, the incredibly pure lines of the Z Zegna "design by Ducati" bottle are eye catching. With its shiny black, clean feel, and laser-cut racing stripe, the bottle recalls the form of a powerful and refined machine, the Ducati S4R motorcycle. The Z Zegna bottle is a highly engineered form at the crossroads of fashion, design and modern competition.

Source: Ducati

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