Honda Announces Automobiles and Motorcycles Displayed at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show

TOKYO, Japan-Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the lineup of vehicles to be displayed at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show (sponsored by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association), to be held from Saturday, October 22 to Sunday, November 6, 2005, at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

The theme for Honda's automotive exhibition at this year's Motor Show is "feel FINE!" to express our commitment to creating new value and offering customers exciting new automobiles that exceed all expectations and deliver a unique sense of exhilaration. The theme for the company's motorcycle exhibition is 'Dream Wings,' which captures Honda's vision of a motorcycling lifestyle based on a new set of values, and a desire to help people pursue their dreams. Honda's automobile and motorcycle displays will feature intriguing concept vehicles, advanced technologies and environmental initiatives in a manner that is clear and easy to understand.

Passenger Car Display: 23 vehicle types, 25 vehicles
Honda proudly presents "FINE!" automobiles. Honda's automobile display is dedicated to Honda's free thinking, intelligent, advanced technology and exciting new designs. It features concept vehicles full of individuality and fresh ideas; the new Civic and new Civic Hybrid; and a range of other Honda vehicles, all of which express the company's commitment to "FINE TECHNOLOGY" and "FINE TIMES"—superior automobiles that anyone can enjoy driving. In addition, the display will highlight Honda's unique advanced safety technologies and power trains that combine environmental-friendliness with superior driving performance.

The Concept Vehicle Zone will showcase some "FINE!" Honda cars of the future, including concept vehicles like the next-generation, 4-door Sports 4 Concept, designed to make sure everyone in the vehicle shares the exhilaration of the drive; the W.O.W Concept, which offers a more enjoyable, dog-friendly mobile lifestyle; and the FCX Concept, a next-generation premium fuel-cell sedan featuring advanced intelligent technologies, a low-floor, low-center-of-gravity platform and a full-sized cabin.

The Civic Zone will present the all-new eighth generation Civic and new Civic Hybrid, accompanied by a technology display that provides a compelling, close-up look at Honda's newly-developed, next-generation intelligent power trains.

The Advanced Technology Zone will feature an easy-to-understand presentation of Honda's unique SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive) System for the Legend, including video and an actual vehicle display. Also featured are advanced safety technologies such as Intelligent Night Vision System, and the innovative CMS (Collision Mitigation Brake System).

The Motor Sports Zone will provide a rare close-up look at Honda's F1 and IndyCar® Series racers, and also features the soon-to-be-released new S2000 production vehicle, equipped with even more advanced features than ever before.

The Special Needs Vehicle Zone will feature the STEP WGN side lift-up seat vehicle, the Fit equipped with Honda's Franz System, and a vehicle equipped with Honda's Techmatic driving assistance system, among other customized Honda vehicles.

Motorcycle Display: 38 vehicle types, 52 vehicles
Honda's 'Dream Wings' motorcycle exhibit will express the company's desire to create new value and provide enhanced riding pleasure, sharing its dreams with people everywhere, and helping everyone spread their wings and pursue their dreams. The exhibit will feature four stages designed to showcase Honda's unique vision, spirit of challenge, and advanced creativity.

The Main Stage will express Honda's desire to create new value and provide enhanced riding pleasure. Honda's vision of the future begins with the E4-01 concept vehicle which offers customers a new take on motorcycling lifestyles. Also on display will be planned production bikes such as the CBR1000RR and CBR600RR, and special import concept vehicles like the CBF1000ABS and Deauville ABS.

On Center Stage, Honda's line up will include planned production scooters like the FORZA Z ABS and Fusion SE, in addition to concept vehicles like the NP6-S and NP6-D created by the N Project, a team of imaginative young engineers at Honda R&D's Asaka R&D Center.

The Honda Racing Stage will showcase Honda's advanced technology and spirit of challenge, featuring racing machines from the CBR1000RRW, winner of the 2005 Suzuka 8-Hour Endurance Race, to the RC211V, Honda's super-performance MotoGP machine.

Honda's Safety and Environment Stage will present Honda's advanced safety and environment technologies, featuring the GOLD WING, equipped with the world's first production motorcycle airbag, which can help mitigate injuries caused by frontal collisions. As examples of Honda's work in traffic safety education, the Riding Simulator and newly released Riding Trainer will also be on display. As an example of Honda's environmental technologies, the display will feature a video presentation of a motorcycle equipped with the ultimate in clean next-generation power plants, the unique Honda Fuel Cell Stack.

Source: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

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