In the beginning there was the S4R: powerful, aggressive, original, extreme — a true Superbike in every sense. The S4R was a new, up-to-date interpretation of the Monster, the ultimate naked bike, a product of Ducati ingenuity and intuition, and the bike which gave birth to a whole new trend.

The success of the Monster S4R has led to the birth of the S2R. The S2R Monster is a more easy-going, less intimidating model with a strong 800 cc engine, but it still shares the same aggressive, exclusive look that has made the S4R the benchmark for style and technology. With its launch in 2005, the S2R immediately conquered a major share of the market.

In the forthcoming Model Year 2006, Ducati has decided to further extend the SR range with the addition of a new Monster S2R equipped with the 1000 DS power plant, the latest evolution of the air-cooled L-twin made in Borgo Panigale.

With its clean, pared-down lines, the Monster S2R 1000 maintains all the styling and functional features of the SR family. The twin vertically stacked silencers mounted on the right side and the single-sided swingarm in aluminium alloy distinguish the Monster SR from the rest of the competition.

The new Monster S2R 1000 will take its place between the agile S2R 800 and the extreme power of the 4-valve S4R. The S2R 1000 boasts outstanding rideability and scintillating performance thanks to the reliable and powerful 1000 Dual Spark engine already used on other successful models in the Ducati range.

The signature frame and running gear which distinguished the Monster SR family has been applied to the Monster S2R 1000. As for the suspension, the S2R 1000 features a fully-adjustable Showa upside-down fork that allows you to adapt the riding characteristics of the bike to suit different road conditions and your own particular riding style, thus increasing comfort and riding pleasure. The rear suspension is progressive and adjustable with a Sachs single shock.
For stopping power, the Monster S2R 1000 uses two 320 mm discs with 4-piston calipers in the front, and a 245 mm disc with a 2-piston caliper at the rear.

To make the new Monster S2R 1000 still more unique and eye-catching, the bike is offered in a new grey colour scheme with a longitudinal black stripe complemented by black rims, in addition to the classic red with white stripe and the aggressive black with white stripe colour combinations.
Whichever colour scheme you choose, the carbon fibre side panels further enhance the looks of the new model.

The S2R 1000 responsibly adheres to the Euro 3 emission standards, with the efficient dual spark 1000 engine combined with a catalytic converters and Lambda sensor

Frame and running gear

The new Monster S2R 1000 uses the same frame as the Monster 1000 and inherits the all the latest refinements applied to the SR range, one of the most important of these being increased ground clearance, which allows greater lean angle.
Another significant feature is the tubular aluminium single-sided swingarm, which is 20% lighter than the conventional swingarm used on the Monster 1000 and features an extruded arm with an oval cross-section for maximum rigidity. The tubes of the upper trellis of the swingarm are precision welded in a layout designed to optimise rigidity and strength.
This type of swingarm allows a far more compact exhaust system, with two small vertically-stacked silencers which give the new Monster S2R 1000 a truly unique look.
The aluminium side stand and footpegs are common to the entire SR family: the footpegs are positioned close to the longitudinal axis of the bike, allowing the rider to assume a more streamlined riding position with the legs tucked up snug against the tank.
A further two prestigious features of the Monster S2R 1000 are the Marchesini 5-spoke wheels with 5.5" rear rim - allowing fatter tyres to be fitted (180/55) - and the tapered aluminium handlebars, which have a wall thicknes of just 4mm thick to reduce weight and a variable cross-sectional diameter, ranging from 22 mm at the grips to 28 mm in the centre for increased rigidity.
All these significant improvements, which confer outstanding handling and superior stability, are complemented by 43 mm Showa upside - down forks with adjustable preload, compression and rebound damping. The rear shock absorber is a Sachs with adjustable spring prelaod and rebound damping, and features an adjustable length linkage thus enabling ride height adjustment indipendent from spring pre-load. The braking system is also racebred, with dual 320 mm front discs and 4-piston calipers and a 245 mm rear disc with dual-piston caliper.

1000 Dual Spark Desmo engine

When choosing the power plant that would achieve exactly right balance between the lively Monster S2R 800cc and the extreme power of the 4-valve Monster S4R, the ideal solution was the muscular 992 cc air-cooled 2-cylinder Desmodue, the Ducati 1000 Dual Spark engine, known and appreciated for its abundant torque and excellent reliability.
Compact, powerful and universally acknowledged as the ultimate expression of the Ducati philosophy of air-cooled twin design, the 1000 Dual Spark Desmo - already used on the top of the range models in the Multistrada and Super Sport families - represents the result of decades of experience and a whole series of innovations that extend from the combustion chambers to the crankshaft. The end result is a powerful engine that is particularly exuberant in the mid-range and generally acknowledged as the most advanced air-cooled L-twin ever designed. In addition to offering the significant advantages of an air-cooled power plant, the 1000 DS also draws inspiration from the Testastretta engine used in competitive racing, including the special casting techniques used to make the cylinder heads, the use of oil-pressurized plain bearings to support the camshafts, and the angles and configuration of the valves.
All this, plus the exclusive Dual Spark ignition system which, with its "double flame front", offers more complete combustion, while simultaneously boosting mid-range power and reducing emission levels.

A closer look at the 1000 DS engine reveals a reduced angle between the intake and exhaust valves, one of the basic principles with which the renowned Testastretta engine was designed, which allows for a more compact combustion chamber, reducing the volume and thus obtaining improved combustion. The improved efficiency of the combustion chamber of the Monster S2R 1000 allows the engine to run on a leaner air/fuel mixture without compromising performance at high temperatures and significantly reduces emissions of hydrocarbons (HC).
The camshafts are supported on oil pressurized plain bearings which reduce the overall dimensions, the weight, and the number of moving parts, while also assisting with heat dispersal. The new configuration also puts the camshafts in a more direct relationship with the valves, reducing friction and stress on valve components and thus increasing reliability. In fact, although the cylinder head is more compact, it allows more space for the intake and exhaust valves, these being 45 mm and 40 mm in diameter. Further innovations include valve seats made of beryllium bronze, a technologically advanced material that affords better heat dispersal and wear-resistance and thus maintains valve clearances more accurately over a longer period of time.

The bore and piston stroke both contribute significantly to the improved power delivery. To ensure high performance in the mid-range, the crankshaft, cylinder bore and piston have been modified to obtain a 94mm bore with a 71.5mm piston stroke. The pistons are now fitted with nitrided steel rings which afford improved sealing and significantly reduce oil consumption. The 94 mm pistons are linked to the crankshaft with new connecting rods, made from a new material composition (30NiCrMo4) that has exceptional flow characteristics during forging. In cross section, the new rod is thinner in one dimension, but wider in the other to confer both strength and lightness for increased reliability and performance.
The new crankshaft is a more compact design and the oil passages have been strategically repositioned in areas less critical for its structural strength. The result is a crankshaft that is more rigid and with less flex, making for less vibration and improved reliability.

Finally, both the clutch housing and the clutch plates are now made from a special aluminium alloy. Thanks to this new material, the Monster SR2's clutch significantly longer service life due to the more balanced wear factor of the alloy. The clutch now runs quieter due to improved tolerances and the lower resonance of aluminium compared to steel.




Type Two-cylinder, 90º L-configuration, Desmodromic timing with 2 valves per cylinder, air-cooled

Displacement 992 cc

Bore x Stroke 94 x 71.5 mm

Compression ratio 10:1

Power 69,9 kW - 95 HP @ 7750 rpm

Torque 99,1 Nm - 10,1 Kgm @ 5000 rpm

Fuel system Marelli electronic injection, 45 mm throttle body

Exhaust 2 aluminium silencers

Homologation Euro 3


Gearbox 6 speed

Primary transmission 1st 37/15, 2nd 30/17, 3rd 27/20, 4th 24/22, 5th 23/24, 6th 24/28

Secondary transmission Chain; Front Sprocket 15; Rear wheel 41

Clutch Dry multiplate, hydraulically actuated


Frame Steel tubing trellis

Wheelbase 1462 mm

Rake 24°

Front suspension 43 mm Showa upside-down forks, fully adjustable

Trail 130 mm

Front wheel 5-spoke light alloy, 3.5 x 17

Front tyre 120/70 ZR 17

Rear suspension Progressive with single Sachs adjustable shock

Rear wheel travel 144 mm

Rear wheel 5-spoke light alloy, 5.5 x 17

Rear tyre 180/55 ZR 17

Front brake 2 x 320 mm discs, 4-piston calliper

Rear brake 245 mm disc, 2-piston calliper

Fuel tank capacity 14 l (including 3 l reserve)

Dry weight 178 kg

Seat height 800 mm

Max height 1222 mm

Max length 2105 mm

Instrumentation Electronic instrument panel: odometer, rpm counter, indicators for head lamp and tail lights, high beam, turn indicators, oil pressure, fuel reserve, LCD clock, immobilizer

Warranty 2 year, unlimited mileage

Source: Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.

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