Jett Lawrence Stretches Overall Win Streak to Eight at Washougal MX

2023-07-24 12:39
The Summer of Jett Lawrence continued through round eight of the AMA Pro Motocross season at the Washougal National, as the 450-class rookie continued his unbeaten streak, now up to 16 moto wins and 8 overall wins. This win didn’t come without a challenge though, as his teammate Chase Sexton continued to pressure Lawrence throughout both motos on his way to 2-2 moto finishes for second overall. Meanwhile, Hunter Lawrence landed on the podium for the sixth time this season and kept his points lead intact with 2-4 moto finishes in the 250 class.

In the first 450 moto, Jett was third into the first turn and quickly made his way into second position. Jett then stalked race-leader Dylan Ferrandis until the third lap, when he made the pass for the lead and took off for the victory. Sexton started the race in sixth before quickly making his way into the third spot. After Jett made the pass into the lead, Sexton followed through to second, with both riders staying in those positions through the finish. After a restart due to a gate malfunction in moto 2, Jett and Sexton started the race in second and third, respectively. They both continued in those positions until the 10-minute mark, when Jett made the pass into first, and Sexton quickly took over second. The AMA 450 Supercross champ made a strong charge and kept the pressure on his teammate Jett for the next fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, Sexton tipped over with three minutes left in the moto, but he was able to quickly remount and hold onto the second position. Jett carried on for his 16th straight moto win.

Hunter started the first 250 moto just inside the top ten, before quickly picking his way into fifth place. After making a few more passes, he eventually reached third place with just over five minutes left in the moto. He then started to put pressure on Justin Cooper for second place, making the pass stick with three laps remaining. With the leader too far ahead to chase, Hunter had to settle for second place. Despite another poor start for Hunter in Moto 2, he climbed into fourth and closed the gap between the top four to less than five seconds. While putting pressure on the riders in front, Hunter slid out and dropped to fifth. He made his way back into fourth, ultimately finishing the race there.


Team Honda HRC riders Chase Sexton, Jett Lawrence and Hunter Lawrence all took part in press day at Washougal, being interviewed by media members and getting in some pre-race track time.
Vancouver, Washington dealership Pro Caliber Motorsports set up a pop-up activation booth in the Team Honda HRC pits, where they displayed powersports products and engaged with fans and customers.
Team Honda HRC also welcomed Honda Racing rider Jed Beaton under their tent for the weekend. The Australian, who currently sits in second place in the Australian MX1 class, raced his first Pro National at Washougal.
Once again, Jett Lawrence topped the 450 class in morning qualifying. Sexton qualified fourth, while Hunter Lawrence was second-quickest in the 250 class.
Jett posted the fastest lap time in 450 moto 1. In the second 450 moto, Chase and Jett were 1-2 on the time-sheets, and both were two seconds clear of third.
With his overall win, Jett moved into fifth on Honda’s all-time 450 (250 two-stroke) win list, tied with Bob Hannah and Kevin Windham.
Jett extends his winning streak this season, now up to 16 moto wins and 8 overall wins. Despite not being a fan of the track due to the shadows, this was Jett’s second career victory at Washougal, after going 2-2 for the overall last year in the 250 class.
Jett joins other Red Riders to have won in the 450 (250 two-stroke) class at Washougal, including Johnny O’Mara, Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael (twice), Kevin Windham and Chase Sexton (twice).
Jett’s 450-point total now stands at a perfect 400 points, 95 points ahead of his nearest challenger. Chase Sexton sits in fifth position in the points. Hunter continues to hold the lead in the 250 class, now three points ahead of second place.
Jett can clinch the 450 title August 12 at Unadilla, a full two rounds early if he gains six more points on Dylan Ferrandis.
All three active Team Honda HRC riders participated in the post-race press conference.
Team Honda HRC staff and riders spent Sunday at Washougal as well for the Alpinestars 2024 gear launch. Kris Keefer and Steve Matthes of Racer X magazine tested the Team Honda HRC machines of Jett Lawrence and Chase Sexton.
Team Honda HRC now gets a well-deserved two-weekend break before the next round, which takes place at Unadilla MX in New Berlin, New York, on August 12.

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450 Overall Results

Jett Lawrence (Hon)
Chase Sexton (Hon)
Jason Anderson (Kaw)
Dylan Ferrandis (Yam)
Aaron Plessinger (KTM)
Adam Cianciarulo (Kaw)
Garrett Marchbanks (Yam)
Ty Masterpool (Kaw)
Phil Nicoletti (Yam)
Colt Nichols (Kaw)

Jed Beaton (Hon)
Hayden Cordell (Hon)
Jace Kessler
Ryder Floyd (Hon)

450 Championship Points (after 8 of 11 rounds)

Jett Lawrence: 400
Dylan Ferrandis: 305
Aaron Plessinger: 280
Adam Cianciarulo: 236
Chase Sexton: 218
Ty Masterpool: 190
Garrett Marchbanks: 174
Fredrik Noren: 169
Cooper Webb: 147
Jose Butron: 132

Jeremy Hand: 40

250 Overall Results

Haiden Deegan (Yam)
Justin Cooper (Yam)
Hunter Lawrence (Hon)
RJ Hampshire (Hus)
Levi Kitchen (Yam)
Seth Hammaker (Kaw)
Jo Shimoda (Kaw)
Max Vohland (KTM)
Carson Mumford (Kaw)
Pierce Brown (Gas)

Gavin Brough (Hon)
Maxwell Sanford
Konnor Visger

250 Championship Points (after 8 of 11 rounds)

Hunter Lawrence: 300
Haiden Deegan: 297
Justin Cooper: 281
RJ Hampshire: 274
Jo Shimoda: 269
Levi Kitchen: 247
Max Vohland: 219
Tom Vialle: 210
Ryder DiFrancesco: 146
Jalek Swoll: 144

Chance Hymas: 92

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Jett Lawrence 18

“The scorecard for today might make it look like it was easy, but it was a struggle all day. Those other guys pushed me every lap. I thought a couple of times I might have given myself some breathing room, but they would catch right up. I don’t feel like I gel with this track as much as some others, so I’m happy to get past this one. Now, we can focus on taking a break and moving on to Unadilla.”

Jett Lawrence

Chase Sexton 23

“The first moto, I just didn’t get the greatest start. I got funneled backward, and it’s such a struggle to pass here. Just moving into second required a Hail Mary down the hill. Second moto, I had a lot of time to figure out some lines in second place and plan an attack. I started to pick up the pace, but I just stalled the bike and tipped over. Obviously, I hate getting second place, but I feel like the last three tracks are places that favor me. We’ll take a little bit of time off, but these last couple of weeks are all about pushing.”

Chase Sexton

Hunter Lawrence 96

“Tough day in the office, for sure. The track wasn’t easy. Having to go in and out of the shadows makes it super hard to be consistent. That second moto wasn’t pretty. I put myself up front and gave myself a chance early. Unfortunately, I pushed the front and just couldn’t put a charge in to catch them after that. Considering we have two DNFs, I’m happy to get out of here with the points lead.”

Source: Honda Racing Corporation

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