Dorna and Motorsport Network team up to launch Global MotoGP™ Fan Survey

2022-06-16 14:17
The world’s fastest motorcycle racing Championship and the motorsport industry’s leading digital platform offer fans the chance to share their views

Dorna Sports S.L and Motorsport Network today launched the 2022 Global MotoGP™ Fan Survey, aimed at capturing the views of racing fans around the world towards the sport they love. The survey will be the largest MotoGP™ fan survey ever conducted, operating in 15 languages across Motorsport Network’s flagship website and motorcycle platforms, with data analysis from Nielsen Sport (NYSE: NLSN).

The MotoGP™ survey aims to gather fans’ input on a wide range of topics, including viewing habits, onsite experience and content consumption; opinions about future changes to improve the sport and insights into key issues beyond the racetrack. There are also questions on fan engagement and the growth of gaming and eSports, as well as identifying the fans’ favourite riders, teams and racetracks.

This is the first Global Fan survey conducted for MotoGP™. Motorsport Network leads the way in this field, recently completing Global Fan Surveys in partnership with F1™ in October 2021 and with NTT INDYCAR Series in February 2022.

James Allen, President of Motorsport Network and leader of the Global Fan Survey project: "We are looking forward to hearing from MotoGP™ fans around the world. Having recently completed large scale surveys for Formula One and INDYCAR, we understand the importance of the Global Fan surveys to rights holders and organizers of major race series, who can use the results like a compass to take their sport forward into the future. MotoGP™ is one of the world’s most thrilling sporting spectacles. A survey on this scale has not been done before with MotoGP™ and we can’t wait to see the results."

Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports: "The fans around the world make our sport what it is; they’re the heart of MotoGP™. We are always looking for ways to make MotoGP™ even better than before, so who better to ask than the fans? By utilizing the power of Motorsport Network, we will be able to reach our audiences across the globe, providing us with invaluable insight directly from our fanbase so we can better understand what they want from the sport, what they like or dislike, and what they value most about MotoGP™. This is an incredible opportunity to engage with so many people and give them a voice in the future of the sport we all love."

The 2022 Global MotoGP™ fan survey is open to anyone over the age of 16 and will run for four weeks, kicking off on June 16th with the key findings due to be announced in September.
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Source: Dorna Sports

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