Distracted Drivers Kill Motorcycle Riders

2013-07-30 21:09
Introducing Text Deflector (www.textdeflector.com), the superior smart phone app designed to provide a safer driving environment for everyone. It’s no secret that traffic accidents caused by texting while driving are soaring, and compounding the problem, research shows the majority of young adults think they can safely drive a vehicle and use their phone at the same time. This disturbing trend is not just a young driver issue; it directly impacts our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Text Deflector is a free app designed to take the impulse to respond to texts out of drivers’ hands so they can focus on the task at hand… driving safely. Text Deflector works by sensing and linking to in-car handsfree devices (Bluetooth, wired headset, etc.) and automatically responds with no user input to any incoming texts, notifying the sender that the driver is unavailable and optionally requesting the sender call instead.

"This is an app that should come pre-installed in every phone for the safety of the driving community," says Suite B Media’s director of marketing, Loralee Fultz. "Text Deflector is simple to use — just launch the app and assign it to any in-car Bluetooth hands-free device and it’s ready to go."

Text Deflector Features:
- Completely automatic
- Not locked to a service provider or carrier
- Senses in-car devices automatically with no manual input
- Not GPS based or motion based
- Maintains privacy
- Imports contacts for customization
- Causes zero additional battery drain
- Premium version available

Upgrade in-app to Text Deflector Premium and receive additional functionality:
- Multiple custom response messages
- Select multiple paired Bluetooth devices
- Assign a custom message to each Bluetooth device
- Assign a custom message to Contacts

Both versions are 100% ad free. Text Deflector – The Smart Auto Responder!

Text Deflector is available now FREE for Android devices via Google Play. Apps for Windows and Blackberry devices coming soon.

Source: Suite B Media Inc

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