IRTA Trophy for 'Best Grand Prix of 2006' goes to Catalunya

2007-02-24 08:23
Gran Premi De Catalunya has scored top marks in the 'Best Grand Prix
of 2006' poll among IRTA teams to win the coveted IRTA Trophy, the
third success for the circuit race organisation. The circuit's first
IRTA Trophy was secured in 1992 when the event was run as The Grand
Prix of Europe, and the Catalunya GP of 2001 regained the trophy.

Three wins over a 14-year period speaks volumes for the race
organisation and the staff of the 4.727km Montmelo circuit, on the
outskirts of Barcelona that hosts the event. Catalunya has set very
high standards for itself and has been a constant high scoring
contender for the trophy since the circuit was established as a grand
prix venue in 1992.

In order to secure their well deserved third IRTA Trophy Catalunya
had to fend off commendable performances by The Czech Grand Prix and
The Grand Prix of Valencia, who placed second and third respectively
in the IRTA poll.
The top three grands prix of 2006, together with the Italian GP at
Mugello, have dominated the IRTA Trophy over the last 14 years. Brno
has two IRTA Trophies in the cabinet, Valencia is a three-time winner
and Mugello has four wins to its credit.
All four circuits are custom built tracks with equal qualities and
attributes that have set the high standards demanded by 21st Century
MotoGP racing.

Competition for the Trophy grows mmore intense each season, with
points awarded for every aspect of the event and race organisers have
greatly improved on each aspect. Rider's safety, trackside official's
and medical facilities are of paramount importance in motorsport and
Catalunya has exceeded all expectations.

Medical facilities at Catalunya equal any found on the championship
calendar are second to none with cicuit Doctor Miguel Angel Nalda and
his medical staff cooperating whole heartedly with the Clinica
Mobile. Montmelo is without doubt, one of the safest circuits on the
18-round grand prix calendar. Track safety is of the highest possible
stanard with more than ample run off areas and the pool of marshals
at the fast 4.727 km circuit act swiftly and decisively when faced
with accidents whether rider low side slide offs or more serious incidents.

The race organisation work and in glove with IRTA and is ever ready
to find solutions to any difficulties the teams and riders may
encounter over the race weekend The on-track facilities are second to
none. Montmelo features 46 massive pit boxes measuring 6 x 16 mts,
among the very best in motorsport, and a large, more than adequate
paddock area with good access points.

"We are very happy to have won the IRTA Trophy for the best grand
prix of last season. This is indeed an honour for all concerned with
the Grand Prix of Catalunya," said circuit Director Fidel Sust. "For
us to win this prestigious trophy three times over such a period of
time is a great reward for everybody involved with the event and we
wish to thank IRTA and the teams for giving us this accolade. We are
all very proud to receive this Trophy but we will not relax. We have
set high standards and will continue to do so."

IRTA President Here Poncharal was impressed with the results of the
2006 poll as the top three places were separated by the slightest of
margins. "I have been impressed by the intense competition among
circuits to win the IRTA Trophy and the fact that the high standards
set in recent years have been maintained and improved upon. Voting
was very close just a few points between first place and third. With
this third IRTA Trophy in 14 years Catalunya has shown a consistent
progressive approach to developing both better on-track safety
conditions and human resources and we congratulate President Fidel
Sust and all staff concerned with running the event at Montmelo and
we look forward to another mutually successful event in 2007."

IRTA Trophy Roll of Honour.
1984 Silverstone / GB.
1985 Hockenheim / Germany.
1986 Nurburgring / Germany.
1987 Assen / Netherlands.
1988 Suzuka / Japan.
1989 Donington Park / GB.
1990 Jerez / Spain.
1991 Donington Park / GB.
1992 Catalunya / Spain.
1993 Eastern Creek / Australia.
1994 Eastern Creek / Australia.
1995 Mugello / Italy.
1996 Mugello / Italy.
1997 Mugello / Italy.
1998 Phillip Island / Australia.
1999 Brno / Czech Republic.
2000 Mugello / Italy.
2001 Catalunya / Spain.
2002 Valencia / Spain.
2003 Valencia / Spain.
2004 Brno / Czech Republic.
2005 Valencia / Spain.
2006 Catalunya / Spain.

Source: Honda Pro Image

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