New Rizla Suzuki GSV-R800 is officially unveiled

2007-02-22 18:25
Rizla Suzuki MotoGP has officially revealed its brand new GSV-R800 at Jerez in Spain this evening, in front of an captivated audience of journalists, photographers and selected guests.

The all new 2007 GSV-R - codenamed XRG0 - features an original "retro" inspired livery with Rizla Suzuki MotoGP racers John Hopkins and Chris Vermeulen following the same theme on their racing suits.

The new machine has been developed with the clear aim of being a competitive machine for the 2007 MotoGP season, and of improving the riders' ability to control the machine in all situations - in a predictable and repeatable manner. This has been assisted by fully analysing the data collected throughout 2006, and by the transfer of some new technologies (introduced last year) into the all new 'XRG0' GSV-R 800cc GP racer.

Suzuki has followed the fundamental engine layout of the final 990cc machine, but the engine size has been minimised with newly designed bore, stroke and cylinder pitch optimised for the new engine displacement size. Suzuki's target was to achieve the best possible horsepower and reliable high rpm operation, and to provide the riders with user friendly power delivery and predictable engine character.

The pneumatic valve system has been modified to achieve more stable valve action and higher valve lift, as well as to control the ultra-high range of engine rpm. This system contributes to the result of high rpm capacity and high power, as well as smooth and controllable engine character.

The combination system of drive-by-wire throttle body and double injectors is a completely original design. With the new type Mitsubishi ECU, this induction system enables the GSV-R to generate over 220 PS of maximum horsepower at an engine speed of over 17,500 rpm - an equivalent of 275ps per litre - and to achieve outstanding throttle control and excellent fuel consumption in accordance with the new regulations of 21-litre tank capacity.

The change of bodywork design has been minimised just to match the engine character, and the fundamental chassis layout including wheelbase length has remained as that of XRE4, the last 990cc model. A change of cowling shape has focused on reducing the wind resistance force and also for good handling. The contour of the fuel tank cover helps the riders to control the machine easily. The shape of the air induction hole at the centre of front fairing is designed for more effective air boosting to the engine at high speed.

With excellent tyres and continued improvements from Bridgestone, Suzuki has completed a top level package which is its highest technology and best quality four stroke race machines ever produced. It hopes to achieve fantastic performance and its aim is to help its talented riders to achieve the best possible positions in the 2007 MotoGP races, for the sake of all race fans and Suzuki fanatics worldwide.

The latest version of the GSV-R will make its debut at the Official MotoGP Test at Jerez this weekend, followed by its initiation into the fiercely competitive world of MotoGP racing at the first round of the season, and of the new 800cc MotoGP era, at Losail in Qatar on Saturday 10th March.

John Hopkins:

"I think the new bike looks great. We have already had the chance to ride it but this is the first time I've seen the new colours. I am looking forward to getting out on the track again and showing what the new GSV-R can do. Suzuki has produced a pretty good package with the new bike and we have performed well in the tests so far so we now need to show what it can do in a racing situation. It is a great bike to ride, in fact it is more like a motocrosser rather than a GP bike and the also the fact that it carries more corner speed than the 990 certainly suits my riding style."

Chris Vermeulen:

"I really like the new bike, it's very fast and very blue! The bike has had about a 20% reduction in capacity but it feels very similar to last year's bike to throw a leg over. The whole off season has been really exciting because Suzuki has seemed to come up with something new at every test so now we just have to keep the momentum going into the races."

Paul Denning - Team Manager:

"The change of regulation has produced some interesting, and quite unexpected, testing results over the winter. As a team, we are delighted with what the Suzuki factory has produced - the new GSV-R800 (factory code XRG0) is beautifully detailed, very durable and right on the weight limit. In my opinion, it's the best GP bike Suzuki has ever produced, and without doubt it is the best of the 4-strokes so far.

"Suzuki has taken a different route to most manufacturers by incorporating a lot of suitable technology in its final 990cc racer to transfer over to the new 800. This has resulted in a bike that has hit the ground running with very few problems and with a lot of data to back up our testing results.

"John and Chris have performed well over the winter and their fitness levels are superb. They both have to learn the fine art of competing to win at MotoGP level, but this is a bike that will allow them to take that next step - and they both have the ability and commitment to take full advantage.

"2007 should be an incredible year of MotoGP action - we hope that Rizla Suzuki will be a big part of the story as it plays out around the globe."

Source: Team Suzuki Press Office

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