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posted April 10, 2011 01:10 PM        

Just bought a VFR1200F DCT from the local dealer. A little history, I'm a long time drag racer and just sold my ZX14. I was looking for a nice street bike that I could also play at the track with from time to time. The fact that the DCT was a full auto tranny, not only sounded like fun, but I thought would be "the balls" for bracket racing. I put 300 miles on the bike yesterday and had an absolute blast on the street.

Today I stopped by the local drag strip, and made some practise runs with it. I weigh about 195 pounds suited just for a point of reference. I wanted to make the first pass in "D" mode, which I have come to think of as "dog mode." When the last bulb lit, I pinned it, and was totally astonished by how slow it took off. I'm not talking like a little bottled up for safety, I mean a good scooter would easily leave it off the line. It took a long while before the computer finally turned the motor loose, and I ran 12.39 @ 118. So I thought to myself, that was probably not so bad for being in "dog mode." The next pass I put it in "sport mode" and was expecting something more exciting when I pinned the throttle. The bike left exactly the same as in "dog mode." I pinned the throttle,picked my feet up, and the bike left so slow it was almost unbelievable. Now once the computer unleashed the motor, it pulled impressively hard through the gears and I ran 11.40 @ 131. I made 8 more passes, and they all were 11.37 to 11.45 with 130 MPH being average, with a best of 131.

I will say this...... Even though I am used to the power of a ZX14, this VFR1200 still makes awesome power. Now, I understand that Honda might want to dumb it down a little in the first couple gears to keep someone from getting hurt. Maybe they want to dumb it down a little bit to make the new clutch set up live forever. I know that most people that by this bike are not going to drag race it, "but" If you ever want to gas it off a stop light beside your buddy, you are going to be "very" dissapointed because I honestly doubt the motor is putting 50 horse power to the ground when you punch it, it is "that" ridiculously restricted!.

I hope someone comes up with a way to uncork this thing and let it be what it is capable of being..................


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posted April 13, 2011 12:08 AM        Edited By: fasterspider on 13 Apr 2011 08:09
For the VFR1200F with the manual 6 speed transmissin, it is retarded in 1st and 2nd to "Protect the transmission AND "New riders" Honda wants to cut loose with 591lb sport bike so it has been explained to me by someone at Honda. "The VFR1200F DCT automatic is something I do not know anything about, so I can only say what I read, "It is a bike that any one, no matter their skill level can get on, ride and enjoy.
My VFR1200F does everthing better than any bike I ever had except out accelerate my CBR100XX, the Bird was the fastest vehicle I ever rode,
It has also been demonstrated over on VFRD that tricking the shift sensor into thinking 1st & 2nd gear are really in 3rd gear, all possible power is delivered to the rear wheel which automartically spins the rear tire and lifts the front wheel too because 3rd gear has all it's power.
I have the VFR1200F, it is retarded in 1st & 2nd and will stay that way until my warranty expires then I am de-restricting 1st & 2nd gears to get all of my 171bhp.
I will install an Akrapovic slip on then too.
I was entering the 101 freeway East from Kanan Rd at about 4500rpm in 1st gear and nailing the throttle WTFO and my front tire lifted a good 4"-5" off the ground for about 75'-100' before setting down again.
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posted April 14, 2011 08:56 PM        
11.40 @131 isnt too bad. I wonder what an unrestricted one would do??
'06 Passion Red ZX-14


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posted June 05, 2011 06:59 AM        
I have this bike as well, and it is capable of running 11.10's all day long. I have 2 Campagna T-Rex's both with the ZZR14 Kawasaki motor, and they are both slower at the track. Although thats a 3 wheeler and tough to drag race its what I have for comparison. Not to say the Honda is a world beater on 2 wheels it isn't, however it has good torque in all gears. Although you might wanna leave Suzuki 1200's alone.

I am kinda of shocked you never raced the bike in manual mode where you have full control over the gears. I have found personally sport mode to be much quicker than you described. In fact if you pin the throttle sport mode the computer will not shift the bike until the redline, which makes for almost a perfect run every time....very consistent. Also leaving from redlights or the christmas tree at the track is not nearly as slow as you describe.

Having ridden Harley's, Victory's, custom Choppers, Suzuki's, T-Rex's and a bunch of smaller bikes, I happily say the VFR1200F DCT is easily the funniest bike I have. Especially if you drive in a congested area. Out of all he bikes I have thats the one I wanna take out the most on a nice day, I have to internally tell myself to ride something else today, for my natural inclination is to get on the Honda

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posted June 27, 2011 12:38 PM        
I am picking up my new vfr 1200 dct on Thursday just like to say thanks for the tip about 1 and 2 gear being slow that will please the wife. Looking forward to using manual mode as the reviews seemed to point towards the DCT manual mode being better then the VFR 1200F gear changes.

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posted November 17, 2011 09:12 AM        
Finally, someone took a DCT to the dragstrip. I bracket race a FJ1100. It runs 11.30's @ 122 mph. The DCT would make a better tool for brackets. 131 mph would be in the 10.40's zone. I would love to see a DCT unleashed. Are we talking a 9 sec bike?
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