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posted September 22, 2008 06:32 AM        

..I'd like to have a Ninja250 for the track with appropo suspension mods, of course...baby-steps, y'know???

It'd be a rush leaning a bike that light. We'd have to get some pics of elbows rubbing the pavement!
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Needs a job
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posted September 22, 2008 01:36 PM        
The 250's dont have that great a lean angle, they just get to full lean alot faster and there shorter wheelbase allows tighter turns with less lean angle required. Equip one with good suspension and some well placed power mods and they are a blast though! There is just something insanely fun about a bike that can go full tilt into a corner where on a bigger bore bike you would have to stay off the gas... They put the fun back into the race track. No worrying about lap times or getting passed, because no one on a 600 or above is even gonna dare gloat about it. But you can gloat about whipping them in the corners. I miss mine...
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BIKELAND > FORUMS > DESMOSUPERBIKES.com > Thread: It\'s 2009 Rumor Season - 14 Internet Spy Pics That Make You Go Hmmm.... NEW TOPIC NEW POLL POST REPLY

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