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Zone Head
Posts: 511
posted July 24, 2007 02:55 PM        Edited By: ricksgsxr on 24 Jul 2007 15:56
Where are the modified 1098's?

Come on ya rich bastards lets see a 1098 with something more than a pipe

Someone has to have done some headwork, complete cf bodywork something more than just a pipe I wanna see some hp and tq possibilties these bikes can make.

Nobody yet make larger pistons? I know this is a loaded question but what could be a reasonable overbore 2,3 mil? can they be stroked?

I'm bored, my 9k 1078 rebuild is year overdue (no issues with the aftermarket vendor inventory which is the first time ever been so lucky) 110% builder issues

I need a hp fix and gixxer.com I just can't stomach anymore, the rest? turbo busa's they seem to blow up a lot and a dime a dozen., not many zx-10/14 or CBR1000/R1's projects out there

So help a hp addict out will ya? 'i would think you money folks would be doing some sick mods

'08 looks interesting in the V-twin world might just end up with one.


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The Truth is Out There
Posts: 21871
posted July 26, 2007 07:14 PM        
buell is making one!
What business is it of yours where I'm from, Friendo?

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Zone Head
Posts: 511
posted July 29, 2007 04:22 AM        Edited By: ricksgsxr on 29 Jul 2007 05:24
Ok, I guess I will have too look over here than



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Parking Attendant
Posts: 3
posted October 18, 2007 05:33 PM        Edited By: stimacsays on 18 Oct 2007 18:34
Well OK, just the pipes, and CF hugger and heat sheald.
I threw it too the ashfalt July 21 on Baer Touth pass and now I have CF lowers, now I wate for the CF front, tail and rad. air scoop coming over on a slow boat from Italy.

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BIKELAND > FORUMS > DESMOSUPERBIKES.com > Thread: Where are the modified 1098\'s? NEW TOPIC NEW POLL POST REPLY

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