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posted October 14, 2006 06:08 PM        Edited By: Editor on 14 Oct 2006 19:10

The SportClassic family, which has met with great success since its first appearance, replicates the styling of the motorcycles built in Ducati's workshops in the 1970s, characterised by a minimalist, sporting look, with an exposed frame and bodyparts in soft, rounded shapes. To emphasis the unique style of these bikes, Ducati has used top-level original components and finishes, featuring chrome and brightwork that provide the final touch, personalise the range and evoke the lines of the bikes from which they're inspired.

The whole SportClassic family mates retro style with modern technology and mounts the brilliant Desmo 1000 DS engine: delivering impressive torque, this air-cooled 90° "L" twin-cylinder is the ideal engine for these new sports models. The cylinders, with their traditional cooling fins and classic L-configuration, harken to the original design by Taglioni. The 1000 DS engine is equipped with the Desmo twin-valve system, fuel injection and an electronic engine control to guarantee power, reliability, thrilling performance and ease of use.

As of 2007, the Sport 1000 will be available in two new versions: as well as the traditional single-seater, the Sport 1000 will be produced in an updated two-seater version for the new season, with a comfortable seat for both rider and pillion, complete with removable seat-cover so as to leave that perfect Café Racer style undiminished.

Another two-seater version is the new Sport 1000 S, with a seductive new colour scheme of red frame and swingarm with black wheel rims and engine covers, and featuring a classic upper fairing with a round central headlamp, to give it a more aggressive look in keeping with 1970's tradition.

As well as its two traditional colours, red and grey, the GT 1000 will be presented in an original new two-tone livery of metallic black and cream, which recalls the original designs of this Ducati grand tourer.

SPORT 1000 biposto

In the 1970s, the most sports-oriented motorcyclists used to modify their road bikes according to what they saw on the track, including clip-ons handlebars, rear set footrests and aggressive colours. The aim was not just to make your bike look better but to enhance its performance too. And that's how the Café Racer style came into being. The Ducati Sport 1000 elegantly captures the audacious look of the motorcycles of that era.

This year, as well as the single-seat version, the SportClassic stable includes the new Sport 1000 biposto, a two-seater which features a comfortable double seat, raised clip-ons to make the riding position even more comfortable and retro style twin rear shocks.
The removable passenger seat-cover, colour-matched with the bike, keeps the Sport 1000 biposto true Café Racer looks intact, but take it off and you'll find a comfortable pillion seat underneath.

The two-seater version of the Sport 1000 embodies the same high quality and advanced technology as its single-seat counterpart. Mounting high-performance Marzocchi 43 mm upside down forks up front, twin Sachs shock rear suspension which are fully adjustable for spring pre-load, and compression and rebound damping. The two rear shocks are fixed at the bottom to an oversize 60 mm diameter tubular steel swingarm, which features a simple, rational system (reminiscent of the one used on the 1970s bikes) for adjusting chain tension.
Lastly, there's a new exhaust system (Euro 3) culminating in two symmetrical silencers on the right and left of the bike.

The special colour combinations put the distinctive finishing touches to this bike. The Sport 1000 two-seater is available in three different colours, featuring the characteristic longitudinal stripe down the middle of the fuel tank and tail section. The colours available for this model are: Burnt yellow with black stripe, Gloss black with white stripe and Ducati Red with white stripe, all three with a black frame.

SPORT 1000 S

Following the 1970s trend for uncompromising individualism and enhanced performance, Ducati introduces the Sport 1000 S with a classic aerodynamic upper fairing which takes its styling cues directly from the "Race" models of the era.

It may be a two-seater, but the Sport 1000 S retains all the hallmark Café Racer styling, with the added benefit that you can enjoy its impressive performance either alone or two-up.

The new colour scheme retains the characteristic longitudinal white stripe, while offering red on red for the frame and fairing. The spoked wheels with aluminium rims, the hub and the exhaust pipes are black, along with a number of other engine parts, for a stark contrast with the red frame and fairing. This contrast gives the new Sport 1000 S an attractive and decidedly aggressive look, without compromising its retro form and charm. The removable rear seat cover contributes to the typical Café Racer look of the Sport 1000 S, but take it off and you'll find a comfortable pillion seat underneath. What's more, the bike features an unmistakeable 1970s style upper fairing with the pronounced, rounded shape that characterised the great competition bikes.

The Sport 1000 S was built with close attention to the quality of its components. The race-bred trellis frame and sports suspension give the bike outstanding road-holding. The Sport 1000 S mounts high-performance Marzocchi 43mm upside down forks with chromed forks caps, for a classic look, while rear suspension duties are handled by a high-performance Sachs twin shocks, which are fully adjustable for spring pre-load, compression and rebound damping.
The style of the Sport 1000 S is classic Café Racer and delivers both outstanding road-holding and the typical performance of a thoroughbred Ducati.

GT 1000

Born as a tribute to the essential beauty of the Ducati GT models of the 1970s, the GT 1000 is ideal for everyday use, thanks to its perfect balance between comfort, whether you ride alone or two-up, and the performance of the Ducati Desmo twin-cylinder engine. Every part and component is made with the highest quality materials and designed with performance in mind - and that's just as it should be for a bike based on the historic models from Ducati's heritage. Despite being unashamedly classic in inspiration, the GT is still a thoroughly modern Ducati when it comes to power, handling, safety and a thrilling ride.

The feeling you get astride the GT 1000 is one of comfort and complete control of the bike. The riding position is comfortable and upright. The double-seat is comfortably padded, has a classic design and boasts the Ducati logo in white on the back. The rider's footrests are set forward for maximum comfort and optimum ground clearance. And because the GT 1000 is a true two-seater, the position of the pillion footrests is designed for maximum comfort even on long trips.

The form of the GT 1000 represents a modern interpretation of the classic lines of the original GT of the 1970s. The slim, ergonomic fuel tank has two indents on the sides to accommodate the rider's legs comfortably, and is crowned with a chromed fuel cap. The front and rear mudguards, and side panels are reminiscent of the 1970s originals. Many parts, such as the top yoke and handlebar clamps are made of polished aluminium, which compliments with the chrome finish of the wheels, handlebars, rear-view mirrors, instrument panel and other components. The exhaust system is also chromed and is made up of manifolds with a double wall construction to keep the chromed surface untarnished over time.

The big new feature this year is the two-tone version of the GT 1000, in metallic black and cream, based on the classic two-tone livery of the Ducati GT 750 launched in 1971.

Source: Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A

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posted October 19, 2006 08:50 AM        
Just like The ZRX, this bike does something for me! I may just have to get one to Smell and RIde
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