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BIKELAND > FORUMS > CLASSIFIEDS > Thread: ZX12 B model plastics for sale NEW TOPIC POST REPLY

Zone Head
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posted October 16, 2016 08:48 PM        
ZX12 B model plastics for sale

I listed this stuff quite sometime ago but no interest in it.

A complete set of fiberglass bodywork for the B Model ZX12's

It's from a company called Pit-Eck. Probably the biggest piece of shit company i have dealt with.

I bought this stuff through Paypal, about 3 years ago and had it shipped to california, as I had a container coming to Thailand with some other bits.

By the time I saw the stuff, it was well past the 45 day period that allows returns or even complaints registered.

I tried to contact Pit Eck, with no success, until I filed a complaint with the BBB in Florida.

Once these A holes got wind of it, they contacted me to try and remedy the situation. A guy named Raul assured me they would pay to have have the bodywork repaired, as it it was impossible to install as received. Nothing lines up. He was desperate to have the complaint removed and I agreed to remove the complaint.

I know a good fiberglass guy here that said he could do effective repairs on the complete set for about 200 bucks.

I got the estimate on paper and contacted them again. Lo and Behold, "there is no Raul here."
This guy was part of the furniture at this place.
" we bought the company and don't produce the ZX12 stuff any longer"

Anyway, if someone is good at glasswork or has someone else, this stuff could be made to work.

I will send it to someone that is willing to pay shipping from Thailand. I am not sure yet, but if it was sent seafreight and you're not in a hurry, probably a hundred and a bit would get it to you.

If there are no takers, I will do a video whilst lighting this on fire with an identifier in the video.

I would actually rather do that, as I would get more satisfaction, but I'm sure there is someone that could use this stuff. My email is gvcone@hotmail.com 66-821723400 is mobile or geoff.cone1 on skype.

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BIKELAND > FORUMS > CLASSIFIEDS > Thread: ZX12 B model plastics for sale NEW TOPIC POST REPLY

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