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posted November 07, 2014 08:02 AM        
O/S buckets Question

I know this has been discussed but all of the threads I found were very old and didn't answer my questions exactly.

How much lift can I get away with with the stock buckets on an '06 ZX14? I'm looking at around a .405" lift.

Should I go with the 28 or 28.5mm buckets?

Who is doing the machine work and how much?

Anybody got some buckets that they want to sell?



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posted November 07, 2014 06:56 PM        
Hey Tom,

Give Jim Gilnack at Competition CNC a call. He can take care of everything and answer any questions.

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posted November 10, 2014 08:47 PM        
has the base circle been reduced any? 400-415 lift is around the max i think. i believe the 29mm zx10r buckets are lighter than the busa buckets?
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posted November 11, 2014 04:31 AM        
Thanks Dan,

The largest cams we will run on the 26.5mm stock zx12r or zx14 buckets are webs 395"/378" combo. Those are the cams we run in our stage 1 and stage 2 std size valve heads. These cams have a base circle reduction of approx .010"

The issue is that at about .180"-.200" lift the cam lobe can over-run the edge of the bucket.
A slight over-run isn't the end of the world but it does reduce cam and tappet (bucket) life.
The more you over run the faster the abnormal wear will wear everything out.

Lift isn't the only factor as to whether the lobe will over-run the edge of the bucket. The ramp rate's major and minor intensity numbers come into play as does the duration and lift. If the major intensity is above ^$&*%$@#%$ and the duration is above %#^%&*#%$ then it will over run on this particular combo.

Its also not just an issue of bucket wear either. Over running the bucket edge will cause variances in valve velocity which in turn will cause harmonics and general instability in the system. It can culminate in broken springs, broken retainers, spit shims, damaged valve keeper grooves, abnormal guide wear and even broken valves if its bad enough to cause valve bounce.
If its bad enough, the edge of the bucket mushrooms over and bores out the bucket well and the bucket gets loose and will eventually shatter.

We use a 29mm bucket in everything now. We got away from the Busa buckets 4 years ago. The 29mm is lighter and bigger than the 28mm Busa buckets. This allowed us to design cams with faster ramp rates and even slower ramp rates in some cases then we could run with the 28mm Busa buckets. With these new cam profiles we were able to pickup several more hp without loosing ANY mid-range torque.

The bucket boring is $300-$400 depending on the head and buckets used. The 29mm buckets are $22 each but once you have the 29mm buckets and you use our cams with special base circles and lobes we can go up to .485" lift.
Typically only our stage 3 and 4 CNC ported zx14 heads and stage 3 Busa heads use cams above .460" lift.

Sorry for the long winded response but there is no short answer really.

I don't have time to get on here as much as I used to but if you have any questions beyond this please give us a call.

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