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posted November 09, 2013 01:49 PM        
body tab repair

I attempted to remove the body panels to get some work done. In the process the left side tab in the mid-panel broke clean off. It was a very clean break, I was able to put the tab in place and it looked great. I figure I can't be the only one that broke a tab. So what is the best way to fix it? I've used JB Weld in the past on other things but never body work. There are so many different types I need to know what works. I recently bought J-B Weld ClearWeld to fix a lamp in the house and was thinking of using it. It's quick setting epoxy, 3200PSI strength and dries clear. The other stuff I found is J-B Weld 3900PSI quick Epoxy but it dries silver. I'd like it to not look like it's been fixed from the front. Here are some questions I have
1. what product should I use/buy
2. does the tab need reinforcing from behind or will the epoxy alone work?
3. once fixed will it last through future removal/reinstall of body panels?

At least I was able to get all the work I planned to do done. now to get past this problem


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BIKELAND > FORUMS > ZX-14.com > Thread: body tab repair NEW TOPIC NEW POLL POST REPLY

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