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posted December 07, 2009 01:20 PM        Edited By: fish_antlers on 10 Dec 2009 04:50
Stuff You'll Want Under Your Tree this Christmas

It's been a tough year for a lot of people but that doesn't mean we can't have a wish list, right? December 25th is just around the corner, and we've got six products that you'll want Santa to stuff under your tree. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Big Agnes Nugget Sleeping Bag
Black Diamond Apollo LED Lantern
Adaptiv TPX Radar Detector
Bluetooth Chatterbox XBi2
Phiten Racing Accessories
Ducati 1098
Make a Wish Foundation

Big Agnes Nugget 45° Sleeping Bag & Pad

Keeps you warm at night, and you'll never roll off your pad - again this ultra-light and compact sleeping bag works like a charm. Like other Big Agnes sleeping bags, the Nugget features an inner sleeve that lets you slide your sleeping pad into the bottom of the bag. When used with their "Insulated AirCore" pad, I had a wonderful, warm night's sleep - even in the cold Northern California wilderness.

What we liked...

Warm and toasty. Nifty "pocket" lets you slide inflatable mat inside base of bag. Top notch construction. Ultra compact.

What we didn't like...

Can't zip two of them together so it ain't summer camp for you and the missus Stuff sacks that come with the units are too big - you can get better smaller stuff sacks from your local REI - only then can you truly get these items squished down to motorcycle camping size.

Nugget 45° Sleeping Bag
MSRP: $189.95 - $199.95

Insulated Air Core Pad
MSRP: $74.95 - $109.95

Black Diamond Apollo LED Lantern

Wanna go motorcycle camping but don't have the urge to carry on fireside conversations staring into your riding partner's irritating headlamp? Check out Black Diamond's Apollo LED lantern. We've been trying this gadget for over a year, and it's never let us down. Compacted, the unit is about the size of a can of beer - unfolded it stands up to provide you with ample light for you campsite. It has a nifty loop on top for hanging it from things, can run off 4 AA's or rechargeables. Hold down the on/off button and you can set the brightness with the built in dimmer. We've only changed the batteries once.

What we liked...

Compact, rugged. Excellent light output

What we didn't like...

Small enough for touring, but if you're pressed for space you may leave it out of your pack. If you leave it out of your pack you'll immediately kick yourself for leaving it out of your pack at the first campsite. Has no "flashlight" mode.

Apollo LED Lantern
MSRP $49.95

Adaptiv Technologies TPX Radar Detector

You could describe this as rugged, or clunky - but either way this radar detector proved equally accurate as our Bel RX65 in side by side testing. Easy to use buttons and a clear readout finish the package nicely. Unit claims to be water resistant. Before we had a chance to test this claim our Adaptiv scrambled its brain for no reason and now intermittently runs in a perpetual reboot loop. Investigated and haven't heard any other reports of this with other units, and to be fair our first Bel & Escort died a similar death. Looking for a replacement unit soon so we can try soaking it in water.

What we liked...

Liked the AMPS compatible mounting plate. Even the smartest thief would have a hard time scooping it off your bike. Performance matched Bel. Claims to be water resistant. Many outputs from harness including patch for Bluetooth dongle for Chatterbox. Large motorcyle-glove friendly buttons. Accuracy equal to our benchmark Bel RX65. Available wireless earpiece is a nice touch.

What we didn't like...

DIN style power connector - when used on big twins and singles had a tendency to vibrate unplugged. Bel, V1 & Escort all use RJ11 positive lock - would be nice if this unit used the same. Accessories are a la carte - car adapter should come standard, not as an accessory. Has no KU band option. Bel has detected KU band in both Oregon and California even though not officially in use. Wireless earpiece is not rechargeable. Would be nice if the unit was physically smaller. Scrambled its brain before we could drench it with a garden hose

Adaptiv TPX Radar Detector
MSRP $309.00

Bluetooth Chatterbox XBi2

We've been itching to try this unit out for a while. After a season's use, we're still feeling awesome and a bit let down at the same time. XBi2 is amazingly compact. Tested using open face mic inside full face helmet. Great sound quality for audio, music and telephone calls, but pairing unit to unit and poorly written manual will have you tearing your hair out. When used rider to passenger works wonderfully. Bike to bike even with extended range, unit drops connection when line of sight is lost. Even though this unit can link 3 bikes full duplex, you'd do better with the (sadly considerably larger) GMRSX1 for group rides and touring due to its fantastic transmitting range.

You can carry on a cell conversation on the Interstate at full speed and the person on the other end doesn't even know you're on a bike - this was very very cool.

What we liked...

Ultra compact & hi-tech. Fantastic audio quality. Replaceable battery. Only unit that can actually pair 3 bikes full duplex

What we didn't like...

6 hour battery life too short for long rides. Frustrating pairing process. Bike to bike only good for line of sight. Confusing low battery warning tone sounds like an incoming phone call alert. Still no wireless push-to-talk available.

Chatterbox XBi2
MSRP: $229.95

Phiten Racing Aqua Titanium Necklace, Bracelet and Patches

Well - we don't quite know where to go with this. If you're into Chakras, Ouija boards or just a plain old Lucky Rabbit's Foot, then consider dropping some cash with Phiten Racing. They claim that their special Aqua Titanium impregnated jewelry can somehow wick into your body and do something to you to make you be better, stronger and faster Steve Austin Six Million Dollar Man style. All the cool kids on the GP and racing grids are wearing the stuff "just in case". I wore it and people said it looked nice so that's a bonus. Word has it that Yamaha's got a North American exclusive on this stuff...

What we liked...

It looks cool. You can meet other people who have it and it's like you're part of an exclusive Secret Squirrel Club.

What we didn't like...

It's expensive stuff. Friends were angry because I wasn't wearing my Evil Tabu Tiki Idol necklace from the Brady Bunch goes to Hawaii any more.

The little rubber bracelet will set you back $22

Some sticky bits of Phiten tape will cost you $15

and if you want to be a real player you can shell out $110 for this bitchin' necklace

Classic 1098 Ducati

Heck, it's Christmas so just tell your wife or significant other you'd love one of these. Their price has dropped a bit (used) and sure - there are different displacement versions available now, but who can resist the sultry lines of this classic that just looks damn good no matter how you slice it.

What we liked...

Rides with surgical precision. Reasonable price for new or used kit. Puts a smile on your face whenever you walk into your garage to look at it.

What we didn't like...

Heck - this thing's so sexy you can look past any glitches like the tons of recalls or the many "are you riding that thing to Starbucks" jokes you'll have to endure. Just grab a rag and some Meguiars and start polishing for no reason. All those bad things will go away.

Don't let the $43,995 price tag of a new Bayliss Replica scare you away.

Ducati drool order page...

Check your local Craigslist - you can find nice clean used samples of this amazing machine starting at around $11K.

Make a Wish Foundation

Of course if you're fortunate enough to have all the above stuff or something similar, then consider making a donation to the Make a Wish foundation... they do good work, and you can find out more about them here...


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BIKELAND > FORUMS > ZX10R ZONE.com > Thread: Stuff You\'ll Want Under Your Tree this Christmas NEW TOPIC NEW POLL POST REPLY

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