Kawasaki Loses Iconic Slogan to Canadian Coffee Giant Tim Hortons

Kawasaki's iconic and heavily trademarked tag line "Let the Good Times Rollâ„¢" has been scooped up by Canadian coffee and doughnut giant, Tim Hortons, in the chain's latest North American advertising campaign, "Let the Good Times RRRoll".

With only two capitalized "RR"'s separating the slogans, Tim Hortons, who recently celebrated the opening of their 500th US location, continues their broad expansion into America's coffee and snack market. It is unclear whether the addition of the two capitalized "RR"s constitutes a new trademarkable slogan, or if Kawasaki has licensed this to Tim Hortons - and if so why?

"Let the Good Times RRRoll" billboards, promoting the "RRRoll up the rim to win" contest are appearing North America wide.

According to Kawasaki press material, "Kawasaki's tagline, "Let the good times rollâ„¢", is recognized worldwide and the brand is aggressively carrying its heritage of leading-edge power, performance and exhilaration into the 21st century."

If you're a Tim Horton's fan, you can find out more about their "RRRoll up the Rim to Win contest online by following this link .

And remember... "Let the Good Times RRRoll"!

Source: Bikeland.org

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