The 2006 model year.. The Big Horsepower Battlelines Have Been Drawn

Well.... 2005's riding season hasn't really even happened yet, and we're already looking forward to 2006...

What will 2006 bring? Will Kawasaki finally answer back with a much awaited, revamped ZX-12R? Will Suzuki simultaneously release a new 'Busa?

Are we rolling the clocks back to 1999 all over again? Splitting hairs over 184 mph?

Someone has to crack... The Japanese know they've got to do something, and fast... I mean, the Germans (of all people) are biting at their heels with BMW's newest 1200. Who would have thought?

On top of that, the Germans stand to redefine the "Hypersport" big-bore class as a "Hyper-touring" class. (And we always wondered what these bikes were for!)

And what of Honda? Silently watching, and waiting... almost counted out by most with the now positively sluggish Blackbird... Will Honda sit back and watch as Suzuki and Kawasaki duke it out?

What about a wildcard entry? Yamaha hasn't done much with the FJ platform for years... have we forgotten about them too? Should we discount them from this lot?

The 1000cc class proves to be just as exciting. Trading leaders from year to year, Kawasaki's ZX-10R seems to have had the crown snatched from it's head by Suzuki before the King even had a chance to sit in his thrown. Who will answer back in 2006, and with what?

All of the posturing, rumor, innuendo and tight lipped denials from the OEMs can mean only one thing. We are either in for a front row seat for a rematch of the Heavyweight Championship of the World.. or another year of guessing, waiting and hoping.

Our guess is that 2006 will be a shocker.

And we cant wait!

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