2018 NIKEN online reservation system is now live

2018-05-16 12:11
The NIKEN will be available exclusively via an online reservation system that will go live on Wednesday 16th May at 19:00 hours CEST. Potential customers wishing to place an order for this new leaning multi wheel Yamaha should log on to https://niken.yamaha-motor.eu and register their details.

Yamaha will notify all applicants within 3 working days if a unit is allocated to them, and if your registration is accepted you will receive details of the supplying dealer as well as information on the next steps for the purchase and delivery of your new NIKEN.

Yamaha NIKEN: Ride the Revolution
Featuring twin leaning front wheels that deliver an unrivalled corner carving experience, the Yamaha NIKEN is the world's first multi wheel production motorcycle. Designed to open up new possibilities for those forward-thinking riders who are looking for a whole new experience, the NIKEN is one of the most radical concepts to be seen within the world of motorcycling, and it embodies the start of a new era in machine control.

Sport bike performance with unique corner carving confidence
With the NIKEN, Yamaha opens up the possibility of a whole new era in motorcycling - a riding revolution, offering a unique riding sensation that takes sport motorcycling into a new dimension.

Imagine the ability to carve through winding roads with unmatched confidence...a new feeling that could be compared to the thrilling experience when carving turns with skis. This revolutionary new kind of motorcycle feels, handles and looks like nothing else. At the same time as being different to a motorcycle, the NIKEN's handling characteristics are also reassuringly familiar to riders.

The advanced Yamaha-exclusive technology used in the double leaning front wheel layout offers high levels of traction - making it a strong performer in corners, giving the NIKEN rider the ability to carve through winding roads with unmatched confidence. And two front wheels means there are two front tyres and two sets of front brakes, so the levels of traction and braking are also like nothing else on the road!

Equipped with advanced leaning multi-wheel technology that enables a deep lean angle of up to 45 degrees - and featuring a radical body design that emphasizes its unique and modern style - the NIKEN is a completely new kind of motorcycle that delivers special feelings of front-end grip, confidence and braking.

Driven by a toque-rich 847cc 3-cylinder crossplane concept engine housed in a sophisticated hybrid frame - and equipped with sophisticated electronic control technologies that enhance overall control - the Yamaha NIKEN looks, feels and rides like no other motorcycle.

Prepare for change. Ride the Revolution.

NIKEN price
The price of the NIKEN varies per country. Please contact your local press officer for specific information.

NIKEN: The technology behind the revolution
Totally new concept in the motorcycle industry
Unique corner carving abilities
Special feelings of front end grip, confidence and braking
Radical design
Advanced leaning multi-wheel technology
Deep lean angle, maximum 45 degrees
Ackerman steering with double upside down front forks
Hybrid steel and aluminium frame with cast aluminium swingarm
Approximately 50:50 front-rear weight distribution with rider
847cc, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC CP3 engine
Special fuel injection settings and optimised crank balance
LED headlight and taillight
YZF-R1 derived mirrors with integrated LED turn signals
Dual 15-inch front wheels with 410mm track; 17-inch rear wheel
D-MODE with 3 engine running modes
Cruise Control - operates above 50 km/h
Traction Control System with 2 modes, and off mode
A&S clutch for increased stability when downshifting
Quick Shift System for smoother upshifts
Compact instrument panel with LCD display
Aluminium 18-litre fuel tank
Fully adjustable rear suspension
Dual 298mm front disc brakes and 282mm rear disc brake
12V DC power outlet
Genuine Accessories
Yamaha has developed a range of high quality Genuine Accessories designed specifically for riders who wish make their new NIKEN their very own. With its torque-rich engine, unrivalled cornering abilities and sophisticated electronic control technologies, the NIKEN is ready to deliver an exhilarating riding experience, and Yamaha's range of sport-oriented accessories enable you to build a unique machine that suits your lifestyle.

The accessories range is constantly evolving, and currently includes everything from an Akrapovic system and sport seat through to a radiator protector, knuckle guards, titanium chain adjusters and more.

Availability & colour
Customers who place their online reservation at https://niken.yamaha-motor.eu from May 16th can expect delivery of their NIKEN to their supplying Yamaha dealer from September 2018 onwards. Yamaha will confirm final delivery dates with all customers during summer 2018, and will of course keep everyone fully informed of the final delivery dates.

NIKEN will be available in the colour option: Graphite (DNMG).

NIKEN Demo Tour
If you want to experience the NIKEN's unique riding experience and unrivalled corner carving abilities you will be given the opportunity to take a demo ride on this revolutionary motorcycle by coming along to the NIKEN Demo Tour. From June - October 2018 Yamaha will be visiting Europe's riding hotspots with a fleet of NIKENs, enabling everyone to Ride the Revolution.

Please check your local Yamaha website for more information on dates and venues.


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