Kawasaki Podiums in Portland

2018-04-23 08:53
The third round of the AMA Arenacross Race to the Ricky Carmichael Cup was hosted at the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon as Kawasaki riders found the podium in both 250AX and AX Lites classes. Team Babbitt’s/Monster Energy®/Kawasaki heavyweight Jacob Hayes holds his second place position in the 250AX Class Championship Standings by a meager four points after finishing second overall for the night. Kawasaki rider Mason Kerr and GPF Babbitt’s Online Kawasaki’s Ryan Breece finished second and third in the AX Lites West Class.

After qualifying second and winning his heat race, Hayes quickly took the lead in 250AX Main Event 1 and powered his KX™250F to a wire-to-wire victory. Kawasaki riders Gared Steinke and Travis Sewell battled for the second position early in the race and eventually finished third and fourth, respectively. 250AX Main Event 2 once again saw Hayes out front early, however, a mistake on Lap 3 would cost him several positions. Sewell and Steinke found themselves clashing throughout the race again as they continued to exchange positions for second and third. Ultimately, Sewell was able to secure second for third overall via 5-2 scores, as Steinke followed to take another third-place finish and fourth overall. Hayes fought back to take fourth for second overall via 1-4 scores.

“I fought really hard tonight to close the gap in the points standings,” said Hayes. “I felt good all night and had the confidence rolling into the second main after winning the first one, but it just didn’t happen. I made a small mistake, but I was fortunate enough to keep going and take second overall for the night.”

The fourth round of the AX Lites West class saw GPF Babbitt’s Online Kawasaki rider Breece grab the holeshot to take the early lead before the tricky rhythm section forced him to make a mistake and lose two positions. Kerr was able to capitalize on Breece’s mistake as he pushed forward into second, which he would maintain until the finish. Breece managed to regain his composure to finish right behind Kerr in third, earning enough points to remain in control of the AX Lites West Class Championship Standings. Unfortunately, Monster Energy® Kawasaki Team Green™ rider Lance Kobusch had a few mechanical issues after qualifying 11th but received the final Road to Supercross qualifying points he needed after he lined up on the gate of the Main Event.

“I’m glad I got this experience,” said Kobusch. “It’s unfortunate I wasn’t able to race in the main event tonight, but we’re lucky to be leaving without injury and I am grateful to have learned a few things from tonight. I will use the experience and just keep grinding.”

AX Lites West Coast Class Results
1. Carson Brown
2. Mason Kerr
3. Ryan Breece
9. Jake McKinney

AX Lites West Coast Championship Standings
1. Ryan Breece (62)
2. Carson Brown (50)
3. Kevin Moranz (50)
6. Preston Taylor (27)
7. Mason Kerr (25)

250AX Class Results
1. Chris Blose (2-1)
2. Jacob Hayes (1-4)
3. Travis Sewell (5-2)
4. Gared Steinke (3-3)
6. Ryan Breece (6-7)

250AX Class Race to the Cup Championship Standings
1. Chris Blose (107)
2. Jacob Hayes (103)
3. Heath Harrison (71)
4. Gared Steinke (71)
5. Travis Sewell (68)
7. Kyle Bitterman (42)
8. Gavin Faith (10)
9. Shane Sewell (4)
10. Jacob Williamson (3)


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