Kawasaki Team Green™ Dominant in Daytona

2018-03-16 10:07
After all the dust, celebration and pyro settled from the Monster Energy™ Supercross 450SX Main Event on Saturday night, it was time for the world’s fastest amateur motocross kids to take to the racetrack for the 9th Annual Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross. The star-studded Team Green™ lineup took home eight supercross championships and 20 podium finishes.

Ryder DiFrancesco was freaky fast as he raced his KX™85 to three supercross titles in the 85cc (9-12), Mini Senior 1 (12-13) and Mini Senior 2 (12-14) classes, while teammates Chance Hymas and Nick Romano finished runner-up in all three classes. The young Krystian Janik rode well to finish second place in the 85cc (9-11) class and Jett Reynolds added another podium for Team Green as he finished second in the Super Mini 1 (12-15) class on his KX™100.

“I really liked the track this weekend,” said DiFrancesco. “It had a lot of supercross jumps and even a whoop section, which was a lot of fun. I’m pumped on how this weekend went and I can’t thank Kawasaki Team Green enough for all of their support.”

Monster Energy® Kawasaki Team Green teammates Garrett Marchbanks and Seth Hammaker each displayed outstanding supercross skills on their KX™250F. Marchbanks dominated the 250 A class from start to finish, while Hammaker raced to an impressive second place finish in the Open Pro Sport class.

Hannah Hodges lined up for Round 1 of the Women’s MX Championship at Daytona and carded 1-2 moto scores for second overall.

Kawasaki Team Green rider Jesse Flock put his KX250F on the second step of the podium in the 250 B and Schoolboy 2 (12-17) classes, while John Grewe relied on the performance of his KX™450F to claim victory in the Masters 50+ class.

“It was a very successful weekend in Daytona for Team Green” said Team Green Manager, Ryan Holliday. “This event continues to improve every year, while providing riders with the opportunity to gain experience on a supercross track. The whole team performed well and I couldn’t be more proud of their results.”
Kawasaki Team Green continues to be a vital piece on and off the track in the American Motocross Majors with their factory trackside support and star-studded roster. Look for the Kawasaki Team Green support truck next weekend in Freestone, Texas for the Spring Championship.

2018 Daytona Ricky Carmichael Supercross
Kawasaki Team Green Results

1 Ryder DiFrancesco Kawasaki KX™85 85cc (9-12)
1 Ryder DiFrancesco Kawasaki KX™85 Mini Senior 1 (12-13)
1 Ryder DiFrancesco Kawasaki KX™85 Mini Senior 2 (12-14)
1 Garrett Marchbanks Kawasaki KX™250F 250 A
1 Doc Smith Kawasaki KX™450F 450 C
1 Quinton Bigalow Kawasaki KX™450F Senior (30+)
1 Greg Pamart Kawasaki KX™450F Senior (40+)
1 John Grewe Kawasaki KX™450F Masters (50+)
2 Nicholas Romano Kawasaki KX™85 Mini Senior 1 (12-13)
2 Nicholas Romano Kawasaki KX™85 Mini Senior 2 (12-14)
2 Chance Hymas Kawasaki KX™85 85cc (9-12)
2 Seth Hammaker Kawasaki KX™250F Open Pro Sport
2 Hannah Hodges Kawasaki KX™250F WMX (16+)
2 Krystian Janik Kawasaki KX™85 85cc (9-11)
2 Jett Reynolds Kawasaki KX™100 Super Mini 1 (12-15)
2 Jesse Flock Kawasaki KX™250F 250 B
2 Stephen Ward Kawasaki KX™250F 250 C
2 Jordan Helman Kawasaki KX™450F Senior (30+)
2 Greg Pamart Kawasaki KX™450F Senior (35+)
2 John Grewe Kawasaki KX™450F Senior (40+)
2 John Grewe Kawasaki KX™450F Senior (45+)
3 Kai Jun Simons Kawasaki KX™250F 250 C Jr. (12-17)
3 Kai Jun Simons Kawasaki KX™450F 450 C
3 Stephen Ward Kawasaki KX™250F 250 C Limited
3 Jesse Flock Kawasaki KX™250F Schoolboy 2 (12-17)
3 Mike Ross Kawasaki KX™250F Junior (25+)
3 Greg Pamart Kawasaki KX™450F Senior (45+)
3 Matt Crown Kawasaki KX™450F Masters (50+)


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