2009 Buenos Aires welcomes the Dakar

2017-10-24 06:57
One year on from the shock of cancellation the day before the start of the 2008 edition, due to the threat of terrorist attacks, the Dakar had staggered but manged to set itself back on its feet. It crossed the Atlantic Ocean to make a dream already imagined by Thierry Sabine come true: to take the rally’s riders, drivers and crews on a voyage of discovery among the sumptuous Argentine landscape. South America opened its arms to the Dakar and the enthusiastic welcome took the breath away from all the competitors. From the starting ceremony on July 9 Avenue, at the foot of Buenos Aires’ symbolic obelisk, hundreds of thousands of rally aficionados came to encourage the adventurers when they set off on a loop that would take them to Chile and the Atacama Desert, as the Dakar adopted a Latino accent.

Source: MG communication

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