Fourth place finish for Gajser in USA GP

2017-09-04 11:41
Fighting humidity and an ever-changing track, Tim Gajser took a fourth-place finish today at the MXGP of the USA in Jacksonville on his CRF450RW.

For both HRC riders, race one was a solid ride. Gajser had a good start and despite some mistakes, was able to take fourth position. Bobryshev meanwhile fought from 12th to an eighth-place finish.

In the second race, they both had varied fortunes. Bobryshev pulled an excellent start out of the gate, going wide around the pack but his early success was short lived. A collision with Desalle caused him pain in his shoulder and left him unable to push for further positions in the race. Gajser wasn’t able to reciprocate the same start as his first and was left mid-pack. After making headway in the first lap he then fell in a corner undoing all his early hard work. He remounted his CRF450RW and restarted his assault on the pack then in the last few minutes of the race, Gajser pulled back to seventh position for fourth overall.

MXGP heads straight to Assen next week for the penultimate round of the 2018 championship.

Tim Gajser 243
The feeling overall was better today, I felt a lot more comfortable then I did yesterday but it was very humid today. In the first race, I had a good start, my riding wasn’t so bad but I made many mistakes and ended up finishing fourth overall which I was satisfied with. The second race I didn’t have a good start but I managed to come through the pack in the first lap. Then, I fell in a corner on the second lap which made me lose many places. The last few minutes of the race I saw the riders in front of me which helped me focus and then when I started picking them off, I saw some lines which helped me make some good passes to finish seventh for fourth overall. So overall today the feeling was good, the rhythm was good but I just made a costly early mistake.

Tim Gajser
Evgeny Bobryshev 777
It was a tough one for me today as it was good and bad. In the first race, I didn’t get a good start as I was around 12th but then I managed to get back through the pack to take eighth place. I was riding good, I had good lines and good rhythm and I wasn’t tired it was just in the last few laps I over heated a bit. The second race I had a much better start and I was in seventh. In the second lap, I collided into Desalle and his clutch went into my bad collarbone which hurt my muscle and then I started dropping back. I enjoyed the track and staying over here so now we head back to Europe to get work done for the next few races.

Evgeny Bobryshev
Roger Harvey
HRC General Manager - MXGP
Conditions here were difficult here this weekend. We set off with very, very deep soft ruts all over the track from the heavy rain and on top of that, a few riders have been injured here so it was a case of being very cautious and making sure that you stayed on the bike. For Tim, the first race start was good and then he went on to finish fourth overall. This is a solid ride from him and nice to see him going forward at the end of the race as in the last few GP’s, this is something that Tim has been lacking. Tim made one little mistake in the second race and that then set the tone for the rest of the race as he was forced to come through the pack. Having said that, we saw a sparkle from Tim today at the end of the race which was really what we have been waiting for from him to come back.
Bobby struggles in the heat usually but it didn’t really affect him this weekend which was better for him. He had a solid first race even though his start was weak and got eighth overall but in the second race he had a cracking start. He pulled a line off the gate that had been seen in the MX2 race by another Honda rider and it paid off. He was riding really well but then had a collision with Desalle and got the clutch lever in his broken collarbone. This was very painful and did weaken his arm but he still finished Ok despite this which was good to see.

Roger Harvey
Race 1

Pos. Rider Num Nation Points Team Time/Gap
Eli 3 USA 25 Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing 35:45.724
Jeffrey 84 NDL 22 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing 28.267
Antonio 222 ITA 20 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing 36.781
Tim 243 SLO 18 Team HRC - MXGP

Source: Honda Racing Corporation

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