Dunlop Introduces the Scootsmart

2017-08-15 20:09
Today’s scooters cover a broad spectrum of size and
sophistication, and Dunlop’s all-new Scootsmart tire is designed to meet
the demanding requirements of today’s scooter market by including
innovations normally reserved for Dunlop’s full-size motorcycle tires.

The Scootsmart introduces an unprecedented level of technology to scooter
riders. Borrowing heavily from Dunlop’s recently released performance
touring tire technology, the Scootsmart combines an advanced tread pattern
and tread compounds to deliver an optimum mixture of grip, handling,
mileage and wet-weather performance. It’s also available in a wide range of
sizes to fit a variety of scooters and small displacement bikes, including
the popular Honda Grom.

Inspired by Dunlop’s performance touring tire design, the Scootsmart’s
tread has a higher sea/land groove distribution in the central area of the
tire to enhance performance in the wet, and fewer grooves in the shoulders
of the tire to increase grip and cornering performance. Deeper tread
grooves in the central area maintain wet-weather performance throughout the
tire’s lifecycle. The inclusion of long lateral grooves and
multi-directional sub-grooves offer more efficient water drainage and also
optimize contact pressure for high mileage and more even wear over the life
of the tire.

Key features of the new Scootsmart include:

· Technologies derived from Dunlop’s performance touring tires.

· Proven performance tread pattern inspired by Dunlop’s performance
touring tires.

· Enhanced responsiveness and handling when compared with the SX01
scooter tire it replaces.

· Fits Honda Grom and other large engine-displacement scooters.

Scootsmart Front


Load/Speed Index







Scootsmart Rear







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