2017-08-06 04:05
SIC Racing Team rider Adam Norrodin concluded the Czech Grand Prix with a heroic ride to 9th place today, whilst teammate Ayumu Sasaki tackled the tricky conditions to secure a point scoring position in 15th.
Following a solid start from 24th on the grid, Adam Norrodin launched himself into the points, only to be immediately knocked down the order moments later when two riders crashed in front of him. Taking evasive action to avoid being collected in the collision, Norrodin re-joined the race in last place, but determined not to let the set-back ruin his chances of redemption, quickly began to battle his way back up through the field. Fighting until the bitter end the young Malaysian displayed a masterclass in smart riding, overcoming the odds to carve his way up into the top ten.
With the rapid change in conditions, Ayumu Sasaki struggled to find his pace in the rain. Despite his best efforts to go with the leaders, the Moto3 rookie was unable to make the most of his starting position. Pushing hard, despite limited confidence in the feeling on board his #71 Honda, Sasaki worked hard to hold his ground and cross the line with the addition of another point to his Championship tally.

Johan Stigefelt – Team Manager

“The conditions today were quite tricky; it started to rain after morning warm up but we were prepared for this after the wet practice on Friday. Adam and Ayumu did well just by staying on the bikes today because it was a hard race from the beginning.
Ayumu made a good start off the line and was 10th on the first lap. He tried to do his best but we know that these conditions are difficult for him; he didn’t have full confidence like he had in the dry, which is a real shame. He could maybe have pushed a bit harder when he dropped down in the group but nevertheless he took points today and that’s always important. He has been consistently good from the beginning of the weekend, so we were maybe expecting a bit more from him in the race. For sure if it had been dry though he would have been further up the front.

Adam knew he had to make a good start today after qualifying so far behind and that’s exactly what he did. Unfortunately he was almost caught out by a crash in front of him, but today he had some luck on his side and he was able to re-join the race and dig deep from there. He passed riders throughout the race and rode really smart. It was not easy for him for sure but he did an excellent job of working his way through the field. On the last couple of laps Adam and the group he was in started closing in on the leaders and this made it possible for him to push more to gain further positions on the last two laps. Finishing in 9th position today is a great result for Adam, after a difficult day yesterday and a couple of crashes, he really came back strong. I’m very happy for him and the team.

This is a good start to the second half of the season, so let’s see what we can do in Austria next week.”


“It was a tough day yesterday; we struggled in the dry, so qualifying so far back was always going to make this race hard. I think with the rain arriving today, this brought me some luck! I have a lot of confidence in these conditions. I made a good start from P24 on the grid but then two riders crashed in front of me! They both went down and nearly took me with them but luckily I avoided the gravel. I knew it would be better not to crash and continue the race. When I looked back and saw that I was last I knew I had a big job to do but I didn’t want to destroy my weekend just because someone crashed in front of me; I knew it would be tough but I had to try somehow to be in the points. I had nothing to lose. I pushed hard and started to work my way up. There was a lot of fighting but I made it to 9th position and I’m very happy with this. After a long summer break it’s great to start the season again with points. I want to say thanks to my team and family for their belief in me.”


“In the beginning of the race it was raining quite hard. I started well but I struggled to find my pace and I dropped back to eleventh then twelfth. In the end the track started to dry and the times started to drop. We began closing in on the front group but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to catch them and I finished 15th. In the dry yesterday we had a really good feeling, so I’m a little bit disappointed but considering the conditions I’m pleased to have not crashed and to come away with one point. We go immediately into the next race in Austria now, so I hope the weather will be better so that I can do my best there.”

Source: SIC Racing Team

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