Good result for Repsol Honda Team in the qualifying for the Andorra TrialGP

2017-06-17 19:14
Repsol Honda Team rider Jaime Busto qualified in first position today ahead of tomorrow’s Trial GP in Andorra with team-mate Toni Bou in second place and Takahisa Fujinami sixth.

With the administrative and technical scrutineering out of the way, today saw the first action at the Andorra TrialGP, with training and a productive qualifying round for the Repsol Honda Team entourage.

Bou, Fujinami and Busto will head out tomorrow in the final group as the FIM Trial GP World Championship embarks on its third leg in the Andorra heights. This afternoon’s qualifying was dominated by a rampant Jaime Busto – the fastest and most effective on a penalty-free run – as the young Basque rider clocked 34’43’’ on the stopwatch. Prior to Busto’s scorching performance, world champion and team-mate Toni Bou had held the day’s fastest time (36’89’’). Takahisa Fujinami had previously run the route in 42’49’’.

For Toni Bou the day finished later after the inauguration of an area dedicated to the champion in Naturlandia (at 1,600 metres above sea-level) know as #TerritoriToniBou – a fully-equipped zone where the superchamp will be able to train.

Tomorrow the trial will feature fifteen sections over two laps. Takahisa Fujinami will take the start line at 09:51 hrs, Toni Bou at 09:55 and Jaime Busto one minute later. The event is due to finish at 14:47 hrs.

Toni Bou 1
Today I did what I think I had to do, I tried to go fast without taking too many risks, although we took some, because I did not want to start ahead tomorrow because the trial is very simple and that would have been a big mistake. We can’t allow it because starting ahead is a real handicap. It is a good qualification, to start out behind Jaime, who must be congratulated for his second 'pole'. I don’t think the heat will complicate the race, and yes, I think it's a shame that they have not marked out a more difficult trial, because the place is incredible. I am not very happy with what they have done. It is a race of the World Cup and something a bit more difficult could have been planned.
I am excited about the inauguration of the area, the #TerritoriToniBou which we opened today after a long battle. It is a beautiful place, where you can do indoor and outdoor and there are many possibilities. We will create a school and there are many projects ahead.

Toni Bou
Takahisa Fujinami 3
It went well, I didn’t risk too much, but I wanted to finish the qualifying with a zero to not start from the front. Sixth is not a bad result and is better than starting from the front. Tomorrow will be hard because of the heat, because I think it will affect the leading group a lot. The sections are not very difficult and we will need to be very focused during the race from beginning to end, to not make any mistakes.

Takahisa Fujinami
Jaime Busto 69
I am very happy to win my second qualifier. Today I took quite a few risks to get the best time, I was very fast and I was able to score a better time than Toni, who was already very good. So tomorrow I will start out last and as the sections are a bit messy, starting out from behind could be an advantage as they should be a bit better. I don’t know how the heat will affect us, but the level of the sections is not very demanding, so I think I could have a good trial.

Jaime Busto
Qualification results

Pos. Rider Num Nation L1 L2 L3 T3 Team Time/Gap
Jaime 69 SPA 0 34.43 Repsol Honda Team 0
Toni 1 SPA 0

Source: Honda Racing Corporation

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